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Friday, May 02, 2008

Wikid Manipulation

Here's a nasty story of Wikipedia entry manipulation for political gain - something CJ himself has been a victim of in the past! How did Charles miss it? Could it be that he doesn't think it's worth mentioning because one of his arch-enemies is the victim, and his political allies the perpetrators?

Interesting to note that once again all reference to LGF Watch has disappeared from LGF's Wikipedia entry. We're not whining, just a little bit surprised at the tenacity with which the lizards try to airbrush us off the Web. Then again, what else have those pimply wingnuts got to do with their time....?


Anonymous said...

Wow....You're dumb.

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant LGF Watch scoop. Wait 5 days to post, then make wild insinuations about things Charles hasn't done rather than criticize what he actually has written.

Then again, what else have those pimply wingnuts got to do with their time....?

To paraphrase your previous post, "Perhaps X is projecting here..." Armchair psychoanalysis cuts both ways, old bean.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...


The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Both LGF Watch and Nodrog's Greatest Hits should be prominently displayed in the LGF Wikipedia page.

Legalize said...

You have to remember, that your average LGFer tend to be rather unsuccessful in any professional capacity, pasty, obese, inexperienced, deluded, and very paranoid. As such they have nothing but time on their hands to scour the internets in search of subversive material that exposes them as dim-witted clods.