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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Four degrees of separation

Wow, that's citizen journalism: A book written by a former White House press secretary was published by a company that is owned by a company that is linked to one of the richest men in the world who happens to be a Bush critic!


Instead of saying something substantial about the book ("Bush-bashing" doesn't count), CJ establishes some tenuous conspiracy that is supposed to undermine anything McClellan might have written. That's the GOP message machine in action, make no mistake.


James said...

Reading your blog gives me the impression that you are very unhappy and lonely person. Stop obsessing about somebody you don't know, as it will not make you feel better about yourself. I think you see yourself as an intellectual, so how about shutting down your computer, tell your mom you are going out and heading off to your local library and that she shouldn't worry. There you will meet other people. This will probably be quite a scary experience for you initially, but you might be able to strike up a conversation with them about the books there. Now this may or may not be easy for you - that depends if you have read any good books lately - if you haven't, borrow some from the library, and head back home. When you get back to your bedroom, resist the temptation to turn on the computer, and start reading the books. After you have completed a couple you can head back to the library and change them for a few others. If you enjoyed the books you already took out, you can ask the librarian if there are any similar ones, which is an easy way to start to talk to someone. After a couple of months I'm sure that there will be a group of people who you are acquainted with, and you might find the interaction on a face to face basis more fulfilling. The main thing that you have to remember is that people don't always agree with you, and don't get too upset with them when they don't.

X said...

James, you seem to have trouble understanding what this blog is about. Why don't you start at the beginning, read your way through to the end, and then grace us with your considered opinion - not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

James is an LGF regular who completed a few semesters of college and feels the need to justify his student loans by using words like "intellectual", "book", and "library".