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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guilty before charged

LGF readers got a full dose of spin from Charles Johnson the other day when the lizard-in-chief tried to manipulate reality by presenting freed Iraqi photographer Bilal Hussein as a terror operative. Note how Johnson doesn't say Hussein is a 'terror operative'. He says Hussein is a terror operative - no scare quotes, just fact. Despite being an American citizen who should be familiar with the notion that a person is "innocent until proven guilty" Charles Johnson applies his own version of justice to a man he has never met let alone knows the full story about and decides that this man is a terror operative, i.e. was involved in terrorism. From a legal point of view you might as well say that Charles Johnson's grandma is guilty of being a terror operative. It would be equally valid.

And then Charles Johnson lies outright: he claims that Hussein had "charges against him". That is simply untrue, and it shows just how far Johnson is prepared to distort the truth. Bilal Hussein was never formally charged, neither by the US military, nor by the Iraqi prosecutor. But that doesn't matter to Charles Johnson because as far as he's concerned, Hussein was charged and found guilty by the wingnut lynch mob which took two things into account when it reviewed his case: he's an Arab and he's a journalist = guilty twice over. Never mind that this lizardoid justice system makes Sharia look like an Enlightenment court. Never mind that it goes against basic logic to describe someone who never even faced trial as guilty. In the weird world of Charles Johnson guilt and innocence are concepts that can be applied whichever way you want with no regard for truth or justice.

It must be a shocking thing for Charles Johnson to see an Arab photographer walk free without being tortured, maimed or killed. Witness the joy with which LGF greeted the death of a Palestinian Reuters cameraman. Witness the seething when an Iraqi journalist is released from detention. There is something deeply wrong, not to say outright evil, in the world view of someone like Charles Johnson that it makes him rejoice in other people's suffering and furious when other people are granted a semblance of the rights that fat fuck behind his computer in California takes for granted.


wtf said...

Quote of the day from CJ: "In fact, it [amnesty] normally implies guilt, but you wouldn’t know it from AP’s reports."

CJ is very smart in law, he need to go to be a lawyer as acting role in a high school play.

Amnesty can apply in a case before trial begins which is the case with Bilal , his trial never began , so how it implies guilt? I think CJ didn't understand yet why the amnesty, he thought someone gave Bilal amnesty designed for Bilal himself and I wonder if Bilal is a terror operative why the US military says he is no longer a threat??

Malkin also predicted there is more to this story, but then she shuts her mouth when US military released him, since US is absolutely right, Iraqi courts absolutely wrong even if the amnesty law backed by US.

In another post:

"Whinocrats Complain About Everything

Obama’s complaining that ABC wasn’t nice to him, Clinton’s complaining that the media are in the tank for Obama, and the lefty blogosphere is complaining about everything. As usual."

I thought LGF and his minions have never complained about the MSM, and never made Pajamas media and warblogs to counter the mean media, maybe that's not whining only if it was from democrats. in the same day he complained about media bias : "What Media Bias?", I guess CJ is not bias /sarc

And another new journalism:

North Korean Video: A Tribute to Progressives

"UPDATE at 4/20/08 2:27:17 pm:

(Psst... OK, maybe it’s not a real NK agitprop film...)"

abe said...

Excellent entry.