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Monday, April 07, 2008

"Youths" Riot in Paris and London

Such is the headline that would blare from LGF if those doing the rioting happened to be possessed of a dusky complexion. In Charles' world, there is no such thing as a good protest, at least not if Europeans and/or left-wing liberals are involved.

Which, we assume, is why the mayhem in Paris and London -- and now in San Francisco -- is, and will most likely continue to be, utterly ignored by the saurian horde. When an African boy burns a car in Paris, it's front-page news for days; but when thousands of enraged Tibetans and sympathetic Parisians disrupt the kickoff to the world's premier sporting event -- bupkis.

I'd love to be proven wrong, and awaken on Thursday morning to see a photo essay on the anti-Chinese protests in San Francisco by Charles' faithful doppelgänger Zombie. Or at least some indication of where LGF & Co. stand on China. But given the right wing's egregious double standard regarding China -- whose flagrant violations of human rights are, in the right-wing worldview, mere inconveniences compared to the ongoing Holocaust in Cuba, for example -- I know better than to hold my breath.

[UPDATE 4/11 - Charles has finally weighed in on the Olympic torch protests, referring to the protests in San Francisco on Wednesday as a "tantrum." Per Zombie's own photo essay, the main grievances being aired during this "tantrum" were:

- Chinese human-rights abuses in Tibet
- Chinese support of human-rights abuses in Burma
- Chinese support of human-rights abuses in Darfur
- Chinese aggression against Taiwan
- Chinese aggression against Vietnam
- Unfair Chinese trade practices

Once again, we ask: Which side are you on, Charles?]


Strange said...

CJ and Infidels Are Cool discovered the problem with Rev. Wright, he was a Muslim, now he is an ex-Muslim. hmmmm , maybe for CJ anybody who subscribe to Islam once will get problems forever even though Nation of Islam is not exactly Islam, but never mind in CJ world.

Write your article about that please.

Anonymous said...

I'm incensed that LGFWatch does not provide stock quotes or daily rainfall averages.

Oh, what's that? It's not within the range of your self-defined purpose?

Hmmm. Ponder that, will you?

X said...

Anonymous, what are you trying to tell us?

The Sphinx said...

Anonymous, when the day comes where we change the name of the site to: "LGF Watch - And a little bit of everything", we'll be glad to take your suggestions.

Strange said...

He is trying to say, just like you guys are not talking about stocks because your purpose to watch LGF, LGF purpose is not talk about everything else like riots in China.

But the anonymous poster is wrong, CJ blog is not focused blog say on Terrorists and WOT, he talks about wide range of contradicting subjects like Amazon reviews, Computer programming, crazy videos, guitar music and open threads with quotes of the day and leftist blogs ' watch. He already does not focus his blog.

Anonymous said...


It's obvious. Just as you have chosen what you want to post on, CJ has also chosen: primarily conflicts with Islamic extremism.

It is ridiculous to criticize him for not posting on what you think he should be posting -- just as ridiculous as it would be for me to criticize you for a hundred things you don't post on. Even to keep the subject within the title of your blog, there are dozens of articles posted on LGF which you never comment on. What sort of fantasies would you like people to spin to explain why you neglect those posts?

Which brings me to my second point. It borders on the delusional to invent hypothetical reasons for why CJ doesn't make certain posts, and then criticize him for those hypothetical reasons of your own vain imagining.

As someone else said it with vulgar eloquence, LGF sucks. But LGFWatch really sucks.

V said...

I'm reminded of those who castigate us for not reporting on Muslim misdeeds, the implication being that we tacitly (or overtly) support Islamist terror.

Well, same goes for Charles. He's obviously a stooge of the Chinese Communist Party, for although he never shies away from reporting on Venezuela or Cuba, he almost never mentions China -- unless of course a "Democrat" [sic] Presidential candidate can somehow be linked to it.

X said...

anonymous, we've seen this kind of argument before. But the person making it never seems to be able to answer this simple question: where does CJ say what his blog is about and what it's not about?

The Sphinx said...

Re: update; are you seriously trying to find any consistency and coherence in Chuckles' agenda regarding human rights?

Anonymous said...

CJ everyday proving he is a lone and hypocrite, but since when was he pro-human rights, this guy will have no guilt working a communist, oppressive government, they are not Arabs or Muslims, and they have minority Muslims that want independence. Who knows maybe he thinks Tibet occupied by the US to make democracy, and he thought it is tantrum. or he just hate the west coast where he lives, maybe he needs to move to China.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..I think inconsistency is a constant (was that an oxymoron?) across the political spectrum.

The same people that squeal about Tibet excuse Chavez and the Iranian Borat while wailing that we should have left Saddam to his grisly fun.

Marxists and Jihadis are global allies and the only reason lefties hassle China at all is that they know China is going capitalist (albeit too slowly for our taste but I'll take it).
I hope they hurry so I can move there after Obama and the Moonbats turn us into the next Soviet Union.