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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Unwittingingly Humorous Moment of the Day

#28 Charles 6/25/2007 11:36:42 am PDT

Josiah Stevenson: if you ever find someone who stalks, smears, lies about and libels moonbat blogs, please let me know. As far as I know, this kind of obsessive behavior is only directed at right-of-center bloggers and personalities.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh morning humor. That was a wonderful comment.

Even more wonderful, for the last 3 days lgf submissions have stopped appearing in the Digg search results.

When Charley finds out about that I am sure the lgfbats are going on a massive email digg admin spree crying foul.

Charley needs to understand that his hate site isn't welcome on digg.

Legalize said...

I love the "as far as I know," and the "as far as I've seen," and the "it is my understanding that" disclaimers intellectual cowards like Chuckles put before and after all of their asinine declarations. This absolves them from their own laziness.

Almost as good as Faux' "some people say" nonsense.

The Sphinx said...


Thanks for that. After a long day I really needed my fix of humour. =)

The Sphinx said...

"#48 Charles 6/26/2007 2:42:27 pm PDT

Anyone who posts threats will be instantly deleted and blocked from posting here. No discussion."

.. provided the threats are directed at the wrong people.

richards1052 said...

Then either I'm a right-wing blogger (disguised as a progressive Zionist) or Stevenson is full of shit.

I've got Kahanists wishing cancer of the rectum on me & 2 threats of defamation lawsuits from Israel super-patriots. And that's just for starters.

Where does Charles find these people??