Little Green Footballs

Monday, June 11, 2007


In this picture, Charles "Squeaky" Johnson attempts to repair his Lizard 9000 "hoop-drive" Confabulator which ground to a halt Saturday stranding thousands of "Lizard Minions" with nowhere to hate.

In this "backup" site some Lizards desperately cling for hope as Johnson struggles to rescue his endlessly self-promoted "cred" as a top-tech guy. There is growing concern that a lot of Kill Muzzie/Bomb Iran comments may have been lost.


LGF has now been down for two days. This begs a question: what did Charles do with all that Wingnut Moolah? Four million smackeroos should buy you a mirror, ya think?


Anonymous said...

I felt a tremor in the force - Like a thousand genocidal bug-eyed racist bigots cried out and were suddenly silenced.

Anonymous said...

I should check Alexa to see if got a small spike in traffic while LGF was offline (probably free republic did at least).

ken said...

God that made me laugh. Oh sorry I'm not meant to say God, I mean I must love Allah because I, like, disagree with stuff like irrational racial hatred.

The Sphinx said...

Ken, I don't know whether you were aware of this or not God and Allah are just two different names for the very same higher being. Every Muslim will tell you that, they worship the same God as Christians and Jews. Besides,"Allah" literally means "The God" in Arabic.

Where the LGF loons got this idea with this "moon God" is beyond me. Also a devout Christian LGFer who praises God in one sentence and curses Allah is more than just paradox.