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Sunday, June 03, 2007

CJ's Google hypocrisy

As documented by Dennis The Peasant.

The last - or at least next-to-last - person on this planet to be calling out Google on its lack of moral fortitude is Charles.Fucking.Johnson.

Let's just remember that back in early 2006 it was Chaz - The Poodle himself - along with his fearless business partners Roger L. Simon and Glenn Harlan Reynolds who decided that Google was one-third of the Google-Yahoo!-Microsoft Empire of Evil that was empowering the Chinese Government to censor the internet. And as part of their daily - and very commercial - nod to noblesse oblige (them being powerhouses of the internets and all) back then, the three of them called for us all to dump our stock in each of the three and commence with the BOYCOTTING.

Which lasted less than a year...

And not only did it NOT last even a year, it was less than year between Raj, The Poodle and Glenn Harlan calling for a boycott of Google and SIGNING A COMMERCIAL DEAL TO PUT GOOGLE ADS ON THEIR SITES!

It doesn't matter whether Charles Johnson is right about Google, the bottom line is he doesn't have the standing to complain about ANYTHING GOOGLE does... And he never will as long as he is picking up their cash. I mean, for the love of Christ: He has Google Ads sitting on his site at this very moment which are very hard to miss.
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