Little Green Footballs

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Oh my. For the second time in a few days, LGF is kaput. Chuckles Johnson self-styled "Chief Technology Officer" dare not even post an estimate of 'time-to-fix', so hopelessly buggered is the server. Ponder the savvy of a "CTO" who rests his entire hateopia on one hard drive. (note: Charles has been complaining about "disk-thrashing" for weeks. Uh, Charles, disk-thrashing = disk-failure). Ponder also the $4,000,000 in wingnut welfare slipped to Chuck and Roger Simon for the "Pajamas Media" misinformation distribution network. Gee, Chucky, ever hear of RAID?

Look for LGF to take a new traffic hit as disenchanted Lizards make their way to Stormfront and other more efficient wingnut wurlitzers.


Legalize said...

I wonder if Chuckles is purging his hard drive of all the incitement to criminal activity that is so prominent on his little hate site. I bet the FBI is stepping up its investigation. I wonder if Chuckles is lawyering up. I wonder if Chuckles embezzled all that wingnut welfare, and failed to adequately capitalize his enterprise, thereby permitting his equipment to fail.

I can only assume that the above is in full force, because I have not seen any evidence that would lead be to believe that this is not the case.

/wingnut logic.

Anonymous said...

that would make sense. all the cash spent on Tour De France t- shirts, pina colada's and new mountain bikes, I can see the courtroom now

AM said...

You think his hard drive troubles mandates a name change?

Less Garbage Finally
Less Goose-stepping Fuckwits
Less Guileless Folly
Less Gibbering Fleabags
Less Gaffes Forthcoming?


richards1052 said...

The site was down last night. But it's up again tonight. He probably uses Bluehost as his webhost--the old "red screen of death" they call it.

Anyway, a day w/o LGF is a day full of sunshine.