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Friday, June 15, 2007

David Gaubatz

Should we be surprised that someone fingered by Private Eye (#1183) as a certified loon pops up a few days later with his own version of JihadWatch?

You see David Gaubatz ("director of counterintelligence and counterterrorism for the Society of Americans for National Existence") has gone undercover in America's mosques to prove they're all Salafist bridgeheads.

And he's written about it in the highly respected online magazine of the Moonie Times _ the same place he revealed the truth about Iraq's WMD's a short time ago.

Unfortunately, he didn't reckon with the powers of the Internet, which allows other people to give their _ very different _ account of events.


ryan said...

I wonder what the LGF goons would make of this -

Actually why am I wondering?

The Sphinx said...

Ryan, I can imagine some of them malfunctioning after reading that..

Anonymous said...

Lizards would just blow that off as "moral relativism" without actually reading the article.

Hilda E. Davis said...

People had better listen to Dave Gaubutz, he's not lying, and our government is hiding the truth from all American's.

Our nation is in sever danger as a result of governments lack of action to protect us in more ways than one, and Dave's findings which have been covered up by the government, is just one small example of their wrong doings.