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Friday, December 11, 2009

We have always been at war with Eurasia

The estimable Nodrog* has emerged from his hiatus to update us, in painstaking detail, on Charles' latest efforts to rewrite the history of LGF.

We've seen a few whispers around Teh Intarwebs to the effect that Charles, in addition to obliterating banned lizards' comments, is also nuking actual posts of his from years gone by. Can anyone substantiate this? If you can, we'll give you a cookie.

*who, in addition to occasionally commenting here, is also posting at Discarded Lies -- which began life, lo these many years ago, as LGF Watch Watch. Plus ça change, plus c'est complètement différent ...


Southside Suarez said...

Now this is interesting...

On the thread on which Rayra flounced/got banned, there are no posts by Chuckles shown.

Danny F said...

The Chuckie/Josef Stalin analogy was apt. This is just too good... he is inadvertently drawing attention to his years of silent complicity with regard to genocidal extremism and hate speach; and the more he deletes, the more guilt he admits. Why else delete it?

He sure is paying for his "unsophisticated thinking" now. You'll never go mainstream Chuckie, you are far too tainted for that. Once a hate site, always a hate site. Especially if you refuse to admit having ever done anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that the Contact form is now missing on the site? Has Charles finally had enough from his detractors and he's making the echo chamber complete?

Anonymous said...

The rumors are unfounded. I think I know how they started. When Tim Blair (?) posted links to CJ's old postings about Global Warming and some such things, later the links stopped working.

So at first I thought that CJ deleted several postings of his, but then I found in archive on his site. They had other URL's, I don't know if he's changed them, but they were there. They were accessible through tags.

acuvue oasys said...

Gotta agree with Danny F there.

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Southside Suarez - Rayra actually bit the dust in early September, 2006, on a thread about Hugo Chavez.

Anonymous said...

He "updated" the Great Global Warming Swindle post without a timestamp to make it look like he quickly realized it was a sham.

In fact, the update was done 2 years later.

Anonymous said...

Chuckles also censored Nekama's famous "troll hammer" post.

He replaced the word "Koranimal" with "bigoted word."

Anonymous said...

Oh, and notice that Chuck has left his approving comment alone, for now:

20 Charles Sun, Aug 17, 2003 4:13:04pm replyquote

Nekama: A work of genius. I salute you.

So he's now tied himself in knots. He edited the post to expose its "bigoted words" yet appears to approve of them.

This is going to get deleted soon...

Southside Suarez said...

Thanks, Gordon (6:15).

I guess I had my bookmarked flounce-off posts confused. It's so hard to tell them apart since none of the posts are there any more. LOL

Danny F said...

Lol. Arabs live in their own feces! French people are cowards! Arabs like to devour Jewish intestines (apparently?)! Yet that comment is still "genius".

Pretty sure the whole comment was bigoted rather than just one word in it. Plus it didn't even answer the statement the person it was replying to made. Jesus these people are morons.

Southside Suarez said...

I think the post to which I linked earlier was actually Reaganite's flounce-off.

But since all flounce-off posts are deleted, I can't tell. (Reaganite's other posts are intact, though.)

KSK said...

I have posted on LGF for years (under the nick KSK) and was banned a few days ago.

I'm a Conservative German with a son fighting in Afghanistan (and I support him). I was one of those who fell for the Iraq WMD lies in 2003. But at least I have conceded my errors.

I'm strongly against Islamism but have no problem with Muslims in general.

But that was not what I was banned for. It seems that Charles now has gone on a crusade against "Global Warming Denialists".

I'm not one of them but I have my reserves about the alarmism associated with it and the domination of public discourse by a select few.

This is what I criticized on LGF. And Charles chose to personally rate any of my posts negatively, without ever bothering to respond to a single point made except by labeling me a "creationist" (huh?) and a "denialist".

I never did more than quoting respected scientists disputing the "universal consensus". Without warning my account was blocked today.

I guess one posting, in which I compared Charles' radical stance on "AGW-deniers" with the one he held againsat WMD-deniers was too much for him.

He has changed camps but not his methods. He never came clear. His former views? Down the memory hole.

Oh I do believe that you can change your views. I did. But you should be man enough to account for them.

LGF just changes topic and the yes-crowd. It moved on to greener pastures.

In German, we call this a "Wendehals". Just like those people in East Germany who forgot about everything they said or did after the wall came down.

In 1933 the famous German writer Oscar Maria Graf wrote a protest letter to the Nazis because they had NOT burned him (they did afterwards).

Looks like I don't have that problem.

he who scoffs at danger said...

i don't know if anyone caught this from an earlier post of mine, but charles scrubbed the "lgf dictionary
because wizzbang was embarrassing him with it.

all of his posts which use the term "oil ticks" are still there.

he who scoffs at danger said...

it would be difficult to do this in any systematic way since charles:

1) cuts his site off from global search engines by blocking search spiders.

2.a) restricts his site's native search features to users in good standing, which is further augmented by the fact that...

2.b) ...he bans everyone, including people who don't post at all.

so, the only people who have access to the whole thing, with the ability to search comments and so forth, are people who wouldn't dare think an uncritical thought.

come to think of it, he probably monitors his users' search strings as well, so they wouldn't dare.

Southside Suarez said...

Yes, he-who-scoffs. A number of former lizards who had not posted in months or years suddenly found themselves banned for using the LGF search function to look for naughty threads and naughty ex-lizards.

ChenZhen said...

We've seen a few whispers around Teh Intarwebs to the effect that Charles, in addition to obliterating banned lizards' comments, is also nuking actual posts of his from years gone by. Can anyone substantiate this? If you can, we'll give you a cookie.

I provided some evidence for this in the "memory hole" thread here, and I imagine that one could find more. If he deleted one Pammy thread, then it's likely that lots of his former associations would be on the hit list.

Southside Suarez said...

Sullivan's ghostblogging is being exposed. Will the same happen to Chuckles? Or does he really never ever take a vacation?

mega said...

A lot of people want revenge of some sort against CJ for the banning, the contempt and scorn of their beliefs before-or-after the LGF Change, and the unceremonious dumping of so many after they'd invested so much time, thousands of posts, and emotional connection in LGF. BUT, the only revenge that csn ever be had against CJ is for him to fade into oblivion, ignored and forgotten. AND, the only way for that to happen is for people to stop talking about him.

Look, CJ barely, if at all, covers news, politics, or events anymore, except for a few pet projects such as globwarm. 90 % of his posts are conservative-baiting and trying to get a response out of the folks at HotAir, AoS, etc. The day that people transition from "Man, that pisses me off" to "Whatever, dude," LGF will utterly fall off the map. I know it gets under people's skin still, but everyone needs to move on already.

I believe the hard Left is already well served by DKos, and that there's not really additional space for a blog to rail at the stupid Aryan doltish ignorant racist hater bigots who are into god and hate intelligent, rational, clear-thinking carers who want to save the planet and make everything better. And, DKos does in fact cover news and politics. LGF will quietly go away once the massive group of spured and scored conservatives makes their peace with this whole episode and moves on, but not until then.

Southside Suarez said...

No revenge sought here. Just shitzngiggles and pointing and laughing.

Southside Suarez said...

I just saw that the 8 millionth comment was posted over there earlier this week.

Didn't someone here say that there used to be far more than that?

he who scoffs at danger said...

deletion of posts is now confirmed. he's deleted all of his "flight 93 memorial" posts.

story here: