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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flying pig alert!

LGF, yesterday:

Since a whole lot of right-wingers gleefully trumpeted George Monbiot’s article in which he called for CRU head Phil Jones to resign, I wonder if they’ll be equally eager to promote his latest article — which documents the enormous amounts of money the climate denial industry is spending to trick people into believing there’s no threat from global warming.

LGF, March 2008:

British über-moonbat “journalist” George Monbiot is apparently going to attempt a citizen’s arrest of John Bolton, after he speaks at a UK literary festival.

Charles Johnson quoting Monbiot approvingly?! The same Monbiot whose very name is said to have inspired the coinage of the term moonbat? Truly a great moment in porcine aviation.

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Danny F said...

Chuckie Johnson: the lyndon larouche of the blogosphere.

Acting loco and defying categorisation on a daily basis!