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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

For the record

Since everyone else seems to be linking to Charles' official refutation of his erstwhile wingnuttitude, we will too.

But not, of course, without noting that it conspicuously fails to mention Charles Johnson's role in whelping, nurturing, and exalting the very beast that he now appears so intent on slaying -- or at least staving off until the political winds shift again.

As usual, "sorry" seems to be the hardest word. A simple "I was wrong" would suffice. But we know better than to expect that.


Danny F said...

Just wait for the "Why I Parted Ways With The Left(again)" post sometime in the future.
Chucky isn't right-wing. He isn't left-wing. He is nothing but a clueless contrarian drama-queen.

he who scoffs at danger said...

truer words were never said.

as i wrote today:

i'm not questioning his sincerity, mind you. on the surface i think his pivot is driven by all of the deficiencies i and others have detailed. charles is an unsophisticated thinker who's analytical shallowness proceeds from the simultaneous acts of developing, publishing and defending his assertions under his permanent, natural identity. consequently, he has painted himself into some corners which he can only get out of by going up the walls and painting himself back towards the door via the ceiling. charles is prepared to take that route. charles structured his political behavior from the onset with an awareness of his naivete. his ideology is pro-whoever-sits-in-the-whitehouse-right-now, by which he safely positions himself as the enemy of half and the ally of half in perpetuity while defending only the prevailing idiom of power. his highest ethical structure is consistency. even a sophist's consistency is impenetrable so long as it is consistent. his moral claim was established early on as "your a nazi!"

that structure lead to charles' superficial pivot from left to right: whereas he once used guilt-by-association and cherry-picked anecdotes to broad-brush the left as vile, nazi-like extremists, he must now apply the same to the right. and how could he be wrong? his side is always winning.

Danny F said...

"Unsophisticated thinker" is right, and the MLA citations part cracked me up. Don't you know that he(a man over the age of 50) has video games to play! Such academic pursuits are for "NAZIs" who are the least bit critical of the Israeli government. Which reminds me, he hasn't actually parted with the right technically speaking; he still remains a staunch supporter of the ultra-right in that country.

Chucky thinks he's being awfully clever. He's actually being incredibly stupid. What he has effectively done is totally alienate himself from both ends of the U.S. political spectrum. He didn't tow the narrow right-wing line(although he sure did attempt it), and he has committed many of the cardinal sins of the left for which there is no atonement.
Now all he has is a small band of sycophantic cultists who have to figuratively submit their testicles to him in order to remain on his pointless, irrelivant and increasingly advertisement soaked web site.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you you British wankers, and fuck Charles Johnson - you both deserve each other.

V said...

@Anon 3:42 - well, thanks for stopping by.

Though I should note, for the record, that I am not British.

Anonymous said...

That didn't change my view of Charles, I anticipated CJ would change his views once Bush steps down. He is pro-government since 9/11, Originally though he is on the left, examine his posts before 9/11, he sided with right wing only to satisfy his emotional outburst and anger, He is like "he who scoffs at danger" said "unsophisticated thinker"

Though, we can tell him, that's a good step to realize you were wrong all along, now how about more good steps, remove the censorship from your comment and site, open the discussion, open registration, and stop being self-centered.

LGFWatch may moderate comments, but in my experience they post almost every comment, CJ has the skills to let everyone comment while filtering spams, other than spams, let the comments grow.

he who scoffs at danger said...

you nailed it dan.

iceweasle will soon part way realizing that charles just doesn't have much to offer a left-o-sphere which is already good at aggregating oppo stuff.

steve said...

Kinda funny how back in the day, he banned me for being too liberal, now I got banned for not agreeing with him. What a douchebag

Danny F said...

Steve you are right, all he is is a douchebag. Chuckie's idiosyncratic style of politics has nothing to do with left/right, liberal/conservative. He bases every issue on his emotional response to it in that second. Indicative of this is how with recent comments, he bans people even if they completely agree with him. The guy is so insecure that the slightest infraction in tone(real or imagined) is enough to set him off.

The only real reason he dislikes Glenn Beck is because "a challenger appears" that dwarfs his own considerable megalomania.

The whole thing is fascinating, I swear psychologists should be analysing his break-down over the last year or so.