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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Down the memory hole

A couple of commenters have mentioned that Charles has been deleting comments posted by banned ex-lizards. Sure enough, just the other day he nuked the entire Ĺ“uvre of Iron Fist, and apparently he has consigned others to the memory hole too.

For the record, we have had to shut down Blogger comments on at least one occasion (before we went to moderation) and wiped out the entire comment database -- but only because enraged LGF operatives had been spamming us with kiddie pr0n and all sorts of other nasty stuff. Not because we've pulled a Great Switcheroo and are trying to obfuscate what we stood for until just the other day.

Doubleplusungood, Charles.

h/t: "Southside Suarez" and "he who scoffs at danger," who has joined the vast right-wing anti-Charles conspiracy with more than usual aplomb.


The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Also nuked, the inestimable "Rayra," "Bigel", and "Ploome Hineni," along with Savage_nation and Song_and_Dance_Man.

You can still see Rayra and Ploome in their prior to June 2004 glory as "Rayra Johnson," and just plain "Ploome."

Southside Suarez said...

Ha. I wouldn't characterize myself as "a member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy", though. :)

-Frequent (but not exclusive) Republican voter, but voted for Obama this time.

-Libertarian on many issues, but think a government role in healthcare is a good thing.

-Not committed to either side of the "global warming" debate. Just think that it's a good thing to reduce energy consumption (especially petroleum) and pollution, and that there are already a lot of other good reasons for doing so.

V said...

@Southside S. -- that last bit was directed at "he who scoffs," not at you... sorry for the confusion!

ChenZhen said...

Yea it looks like CJ is making some effort to scrub evidence of certain associations in his wingnut past, both in his comment section and whole threads.

For example of the latter; remember that pic with Pammycakes and Cindy Sheehan? I remember thinking that it was remarkable that someone so desperate to be taken seriously would broadcast such immaturity in such a cliche manner. I also remember CJ busting a gut and dedicating an entire thread to the pic.

Go ahead. Click that link, scroll down past all those pics and you'll see that Pam posted a link to the LGF thread I'm referring to. She was so proud of herself at the time, but today, that LGF thread is gone.

/Probably easier than cutting her head out of the pic.

he who scoffs at danger said...

hey, thanks for my first h/t credit!

just to follow southside's lead and outline the nature of my rightwing conspiracy:

when pressed to define myself these days, i identify myself as a "small 'l' liberal, small 'r' republican", which sounds pretty centrist. it is, but only in effect. my assumptions about progressives will always be to suspect them and their motives. i subscribe to the idea that progressives are evil, conservatives are stupid.

that said, the pity of all of this is that charles is incidentally correct about white nationalism crankery and christian-populist nonsense. i'm familiar with the extent that it is present on the right and have devoted most of my last few years on the internet to picking fights within the right over these issues.

where i depart from charles is that my association with the right is built from sturdier stuff: i take the view that mankind has a nature, that just about everything there is to know about it is known, that that nature is bestial and resistant to reform; that social systems are effectively incomprehensible and therefor resist being captured by theories, much less conformed to ideals, and therefor civilizing constructions are worthwhile; traditional ones are more valuable than untested ones, and rights are better formulated in the negative mode than the positive mode.

from there, the mind is appropriately free to reason affirmatively or negatively on most policy propositions. the institutions can ride a donkey over a cliff for all it matters to me. i can stand on principle and explain why the movement's populist dogma is not just unseemly and offensive, but also why it's un-conservative.

charles can only call it names, just as he did up until 11/05/09 with the left who, before 9/12/01, he thought were fine and respectable company. the continuity in charles' "thought" is that in 2001 charles saw one side operating from within the refined marble colonnades of official power and the other side messily amassing in the streets in chaotic, splenetic mobs. now he sees, er, the opposite.

he who scoffs at danger said...

the lgf dictionary, which is full of items which are starkly dissonant with his current prejudices, has also been scrubbed.


Southside Suarez said...

In addition to "nuking" a number of the Legion of the Banned, Charles (or one of his operatives) appears to have gone back to old "flounce threads" and done mass deletions of posts by those who had flounced (but only on those threads).

Anonymous said...

Be warned! If you step out of bounds @ LGF, you will be banned. It's completely subjective, too. Over at LGF they've coined quite a few terms which all mean the same thing; you've step off the accepted political reservation or you have not been sufficiently prone to the Great Lizard.

How bad is CJ's paranoia? I've actually seen a thread where CJ has found tweets (yes, tweets!) to use as 'evidence' of the continuing ‘decline and debauchery' of the 'right'. I think he's up to 'Exhibit Q or R or possibly his Exhibit pile has lapped the alphabet and he's now up to Exhibit AA.

Anyway, the take away message is agree or be gone.