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Monday, October 19, 2009

Testing... testing...

Out of curiosity, I clicked one of the links to the LGF RSS feed above -- and it worked. No more redirect to the IDF homepage! (Note to new LGF Watch watchers: almost since the very beginning of LGF Watch, Charles has been redirecting all links from this site to the homepage of the Israel Defense Force -- or else to an oh-so-amusing graphic reading "I Is An Idiot" or similarly witty verbiage.)

Here's a link to the LGF front page, and here's a link to a specific article.

Are they working for you? Let us know.

WARNING: If you do decide to test the links, be aware that Charles can and does follow and ban the IP addresses of those who visit his site from certain locations. You have been warned.


ChenZhen said...

yea it worked for me.

must be a reward for all your, um, help!

V said...

Either that, or he broke the redirect script (if that's what it is) and simply forgot to fix it.

Or maybe < charles_johnson >it's a cunning plan to harvest IP addresses from amongst his most devoted Stalkers™ and then use this information for nefarious purposes < /charles_johnson >.

If we continue to needle him, maybe he'll flee back into the warm embrace of the Beck/Palin/Atlas crowd and we can start all over again. :)

Danny F said...

Damn I wish I'd read the warning *before* testing the links out.
I guess XopXproxyX's LGF posting history shall be shorter lived than expected now.
Oh well at least I got to see how crushingly stupid the popular regulars at LGF are first hand.

Southside Suarez said...

Hah... I saw that nick the other night and I thought, "that one is not long for this world".

Anyway, someone please tell me that Dark_Falcon is a mole from here or somewhere in the Stalkersphere... I mean, no one can be so pathetically brownnosing and have such little self-respect? Other than Sharmuta, of course..

I mean, even Iron Fist has a life compared to this loser.

Anonymous said...

lol, it works for me too. but so what if he bans ips? don't you know that most people on the internet have dynamic ips? Their ip change frequently. beside it is not like Gmail banning my ip. why would I care?

That's a change, but I still think CJ is not much different, he just found you to be less of a stalking blog and he had worst enemies for him now.

When a republican get elected after 8 years -god forbid- he would ban your blog again.

Anonymous said...

Johnson is still a hawkish reactionary who justifies the wars and torture and civil liberties curtailment and all the rest.

It's just that now he doesn't necessarily belong in a mental rehabilitation facility. His now former friends do.

In other words, you still have your work cut out for you.

V said...

@anon 11:14 - yes, I know, but back in the day -- it was either Rathergate™ or perhaps Billowgate™ -- he would keep a running tally of how many hit he was getting from certain IPs he had identified as belonging to Reuters, or "al-Reuters" as he called it back then. Apparently they actually do use static IPs.

Anonymous said...

Reuters and similar organizations work like internet service providers, they have set of ips, and they may grant them dynamically to their employees or statically. that's why CJ can easily track ip to Reuters.

for average user, he can track the ip to the location of a nearby node and he can sees the name of the ISP.

For example he can sees Orange county, Cox Communications.

he can bans your ISP,or location. but he ll lose not just you, everyone who has the same ISP and location.

Your warning is appropriate, but no one would miss LGF.

He thinks he is cool and smart when he does this kind of childish behavior. Contrary to his belief, many people have the same ability or even better.

CJ if you are reading this, step out of the cesspool once and for all, and start to do some useful programming that everyone benefit from or enjoy, throw the worms that got you in politics.

Southside Suarez said...

Hell, if it wasn't for the "stalkers", LGF's traffic would fall by 90% overnight.

I mean, Kilgore, Sharmuta, Dark_Falcon, Ice Weasel and Jimmuh can only hit the F5 button so many times, you know?

UZ said...

Unmasking Zombie:

Anonymous said...

Unmasking Zombie, part 2:

Anonymous said...

Oops! Excuse us. There was a typo in the original part 2 image (one of the dates was wrong). The mistake is minor and irrelevant, but here is the corrected report:

Southside Suarez said...

^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Anonymous said...

Latest from the LGF gutter:

PS. That unmasking zombie site has been removed. Ha ha ha!

Danny F said...

Whoever is making these "unmasking zombie" reports, KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!
I throughly despise zombie more than any other clown out there in the right-wing blogs. The guy is absolute, unmitigated poison. LGF Watch should seriously consider giving these reports their own post to help get the word out there.

Anonymous said...

//Whoever is making these "unmasking zombie" reports, KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!//

Thank you, thank you. Trust us, we will.

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Well, thanks to unmaskingzombie, we now know that zombie is not a "she."

And what a pathetic attempt to cover his tracks with one of his sockpuppets!

Also, anyone have any idea why unmaskingzombie is now an Arabic language site?

V said...

@UZ - perhaps the good folks at can help. It would be great to see this material over there -- not least because Charles Johnson is now quoting them. :)

Matthew Avitabile said...

And their attacks on an autistic blogger, led by Cato the Elder, continues

Anonymous said...

//Also, anyone have any idea why unmaskingzombie is now an Arabic language site?//

To cause some funny "WTF" reactions. :D


Thanks for the loonwatch suggestion.

Southside Suarez said...

Matthew -

I hate to be in the position of appearing to defend Chuckles, but some folks seem determined to play the victim card.

stvip said...

LGF hasn't changed.

It continues its usual schtick - not explaining and justifying CJ's positions and beliefs, but rather finding vile people who disagree with him, thus stirring his bleating followers into a frenzy against the other side. Bleah.

LGFWatch still sucks too, by the way (sorry, but I just don't feel clean if I post here without criticism), though I could afford some kind words for either Blog.

LGFWatch - pluralism, free speech and tolerance of others' views (though with one jarring counterexample - when an homophobic post was deleted; gay bashing is disgusting and I'm proud Israel is the most progressive country in the Middle East, and by a huge margin, and one of the most progressive in the world generally regarding homosexual rights, but it does speak volumes about the editors' positions when that post was deleted while antisemitic vitriol and anti-Zionist conspiracy theories are allowed to be posted unfetterdly). CJ would do well to learn from his sworn enemy.

LGF - a consistent principled repudiation of fascism in all its forms (except, ironically enough, CJ's own little tendencies - then again, it's only a blog, not a state).

V said...

@stvip - could you point out some actual examples of anti-Semitic vitriol in our comments? Yes, some of our writers and commenters criticize the Israeli government from time to time. And if you believe that's the same as being anti-Semitic, then there's really not much point in discussing the issue any further.

As far as deleting comments, we do try to exercise a light touch. We do, however, reserve the right to delete abusive ad-hominem attacks against ourselves as individuals (though even some of these have seen the light of day, e.g. the repeated attacks against The Sphinx).

XopXproxyX said...

Stvip, you are right about Chuckie being vocal against fascism... except when it comes to his own fascist tendencies. I didn't quite believe the (admittedy many) reports about exactly how wacky the guy was about banning people till I went undercover @ lgf for a few weeks. He'll do it on a whim, out of nowhere. It's so funny watching regulars like Iceweasel having to walk on eggshells when they disagree with CJ or one of his old right-wing hold outs from back in the day that are still there. My ban-worthy crime was suggesting that lgf did in fact used to have things wrong with it in the past, when someone asked that question. Which is strange because I has said similar things on there before, that were critical but respectful as necessary. But who can fathom the idiosyncrasies of Chuckies fried hippy brain.
The mass bannings and alienating everyone in general is having a major effect however. Check out the new advertising right in the middle of the page where articles only used to go, promising a flat stomach if you follow "one weird tip", lol. And for the "herbal medicine" cancer cures.
The thing I find hilarious about the site is how out of place the pictures of palestinians are, tacked onto the slideshow link to the left. It basically screams bizzare while suggesting hints of racism in that arbitrary context.

By the way LGF Watch is great, it doesn't suck at all.

Anonymous said...

After over a year of active participation via posting several comments which were highly rated by other members, I was axed from LGF by Charles Johnson following his 2008 post-Halloween-night fatwa against those who spoke out in support of Robert Spencer of jihad I don't regret putting in a good word for Robert Spencer, and remain an unapologetic Christian conservative. - Yankee Sojourner

Anonymous said...

LGF is still chockfull of dumb rednecks.

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

After yesterday's official announcement of Charles Johnson's conversion to the left, you can officially close down this website!

Southside Suarez said...

Charles himself is closing down the website, in installments.

He just deleted all 26,000 of Iron Fist's posts yesterday, after the latter apparently tried to re-register.

Fistie joins Bigel, Rayra, Taxfree Killer, Savage Nation and Song and Dance Man, in not just being banned but vaporized.