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Thursday, October 15, 2009


It may interest you to know that it has been more or less exactly six years since LGF Watch started watching LGF.

Here's what was going on back in October 2003:

Too bad there's no such thing as time travel (despite what some of the CERN boffins have been saying), because a conversation between today's Charles Johnson and his 2003 self would be something to behold.


Zingo said...

I don't think LGF is as different as you think it is:

Maybe they use their defense of Obama or promotion of other liberal causes to deflect claims of anti-Arab/Muslim bias. Kinda like far right wing people who use support of Israel to deflect claims of anti-semitism.

Gates of Vienna Watch said...

Perhaps you should focus on the bad behavior of former LGF habitues. Here's Ed the Weatherman's latest tantrums on Grouchy Conservative Pundits, where he goes off on Olympia Snowe:

Re: Here it comes ... Baucus can pass the Senate ... will Snowe fold ?
« Reply #4 on: October 13, 2009, 11:23:49 AM - Ed Mahmoud

Snowe is one of the ones that needs to dangle from a rope if it ever gets that far. She is worse than just a Democrat. She is a Democrat mole in the GOP caucus, and works tirelessly as a spy and saboteur against the GOP and this country.

I'll settle for her losing her seat. It would absolutely be no worse if a declared Democrat wins her seat. Even if it meant having the majority or not, because, if it came to it, she would probably Jeffords to the Dems if that is what it took to put the Demonrats back in the majority in the Senate

Re: Senator Snowe Makes It BiPartisan
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2009, 12:20:15 PM - Ed Mahmoud


Anonymous said...

Came up with a new tagline for you:

Stalking LGF Before LGF Became an LGF-Stalker Stalking Blog

Southside Suarez said...

Chuckles has realized that he has a problem with his army of craven ass-kissers: They're cheap craven ass-kissers.

440 Charles Sat, Oct 17, 2009 7:48:41pm

The alternative to using a network like Pulse360 or Google Adsense is: getting LGF readers to start supporting the site directly through Paypal donations -- and Paypal donations aren't even coming close to covering our simple web hosting costs. Forget about paying for my living expenses or the time I spend writing posts or moderating the blog.

I put up links for people to "subscribe" to LGF several months ago, at $10 a month, and so far I have a grand total of ... four subscriptions.

I'd love to take off all the advertisements, believe me. But without more support from the users who read and comment at LGF, I have no choice but to use ad networks.

#495 freetoken Sat, Oct 17, 2009 8:01:36pm +3

I, for one, do not mind the adverts at all. Indeed, hopefully we can all work together to bring even more hits to LGF, so that you can attract advertisers willing to pay more for being seen here.

God forbid that folks like freetoken should be expected to pay...

Update from the LGF Office of Dingland Security:

#240 Dark_Falcon Sun, Oct 18, 2009 9:08:17am

A poster has to have 50 comments posted before their dinger is made operational. This prevents stealth dingers and troll from causing trouble while not greatly effecting established lizards.

#241 HoosierHoops Sun, Oct 18, 2009 9:08:35am +1

yup..50 comments..It rids us of all those lizards that never said a word but just down-dinged entire threads..

Now you will have to join the community before using one of the tools here.

V said...

Well, if he keeps it up he can expect a large check from George Soros any day now. (Or so goes the running fantasy in wingnuttia.)

Darryl Mason said...

The remarkable, strange and quite eerie transformation of Charles Johnson reminds me of a claim Philip K Dick made that he had been contacted (in the early 1970s) by nefarious government agents and told that while he would soon be disappeared, new books would continue to be published under his name.

Southside Suarez said...

Political views changed 180 degrees overnight. But still the same asshole, or perhaps more so. And the paranoia is increasing exponentially.

he who scoffs at danger said...

political views?

he never had any political views.

i think nearest he comes is "pro-president". is pro-president a political view?

he "changed" because his traffic dropped through the floor after 2006 when people turned toward domestic issues. suddenly he had no lefty trolls to ban. his strategy to recuperate from this purposeless condition was to ban the only people left paying attention to his blog.

so them's his "political views": pro-banning and pro-president.

Anonymous said...

6 years following someone you've never even met!

I would not be proud of that if I were you. That is a little obsessive.

So, why are you still doing it? Charles is a Leftist now. That is, assuming you are following his blog because of his past political positions you didn't like.

PS: Those prior political positions aren't there anymore. This begs the question - why still follow Charles?

PPS: On reconsideration, many now follow Charles for a sort of 'Michael Jackson' factor. You know, how in the final few years, the public interest wasn't in MJ's music anymore, but simply on the behaviour.


smcgpbk said...

It's definitely not really accurate to call him a "leftist." I think he just wants to see the US government commit more mass murders of Muslims. His coverage through 2008, including his embrace of the "birther" issue and Glenn Beck-like focus on the "radicals" surrounding Obama, completely contrast with what he's been saying on these issues in recent months. There's no gradual shift from right to left to note at all, as we'd expect from a genuine political conversion, no introspective reflections on past ideas that have been rejected, just a drastic swing from extreme-right to pro-Obama all at once completely out of the blue. Obama is commander in chief, and if Charles still wants to get excited watching more US military war crimes committed, Obama is the one he's going to have to cheer for. This is the same as if his favorite football team acquired through trade a quarterback (call him "Joe Schmoe") from that team's rival he used to despise. When Joe Schmoe was playing against his team, he hated him. Now that Joe Schmoe is his own team's quarterback (in this case, his "team" being the Pentagon/CIA aggressive war structure that invades and occupies Islamic countries), he's in love. If Obama had gotten in and actually been a liberal, it wouldn't have gone this way.