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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Green Stalkers

Charles Johnson has recently posted a selection of ugly and hateful comments from Hot Air:

(Link: )

Here’s our latest installment of a new recurring feature — the most disgusting comments recently posted at Hot Air, and not deleted or even disapproved of by the “moderators.” There’s an endless stream of this kind of hate speech at Hot Air, and I don’t expect we’ll run out of material very soon. (Thanks to the LGF readers who helped point out today’s batch of ugliness.)

(...) [Comment quotes with links]

Let’s not forget the hundreds of comments previously posted, calling Michelle Obama a “wookie.” (It’s a sleazy way to call Michelle Obama an “ape,” without actually using that word.)

And of course, the comments I pointed out yesterday, calling me a “child molester,” are still posted and those commenters have not been blocked.

Stay classy, Hot Air!

Let's see.. Quoting hateful and racist comments written on another website, then pointing out that they don't get deleted or merit any sort of reprimand from moderators, in order to show what kind of trashy cesspool of hate this site is. And according to him, it's just one installment of a recurring feature. Wait.. HOLY CRAP ON A STICK, Charles is becoming one of us now!

Aahh, screw it. Welcome to stalkerdom, Charles! :)

(Or at least, welcome to the spot where we were standing against you and your blog for.. I don't know, several years on end?)


he who scoffs at danger said...

it is something. he is also pro-moby now.

also, i'm sure you noted this, but he was a birther before birtherism was cool.

but that was before obama was elected president. might i submit that charles wasn't really "rightwing" before and he isn't moving "left" now. charles' political ideology is simply pro-president.

Southside Suarez said...

Chuckles has an obsession with "Sign of Contradiction.

M. Simon said...

Try searching - Charles Johnson child molester.

The first site that comes up claims he is not a child molester and for proof the site quotes Mr. Johnson 3rd hand.

V said...

@ M. Simon -- I'm not sure what your point is, but if you're trying to get us to join in the nasty right-wing chorus that is trying to discredit CJ based on potentially libelous rumors of criminal activity, we're not interested.

Southside Suarez said...

I don't think that most of the folks saying that stuff intend it to be taken seriously. They're just tweaking Chuckles' paranoia.

ChenZhen said...

Ofergoshsake simon. Type Charles Johnson into facebook and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Well Charles attacking a blog because of the comments is just as daft as you attacking LGF because of the comments.

The Sphinx said...

Anon, I don't think you got the point. There's nothing daft about pointing how much a site is infested with hate and racism. But for Chuck to loathe us, call us stalkers, redirect all our links to bogus sites and even drop the f-bomb on us, only to start doing exactly the same as we did later on.. Well, that's a bit rich, isn't it?

Slow Joe said...

No, it's just dumb to say a site is full of hate and racism because of a few anonymous comments. These days, people often use racism satirically, which may be offensive to some, but is not inherently racist. The bake sale thing, where blacks get cheap cookies, is an example.

One other example, and I suppose this is much more common, is someone pretending to be racist only to prove the blog is racist for their fake comments. Killgore Trout did this to Hot Air, famously. We do know that Moby, musician, famously asked liberals to do this to conservative sites.

Once you've done that, you can't then use the comments as evidence of anything. It's just silly, either way, to point to comments, or tolerance of free speech that is offensive, as proof of a site's hatred or racism.

Racism is very easy to argue against, so we should be delighted if a sincere example of racism appears, so that we may help a wayward soul learn something. This happens rarely, because usually the 'racist' is just trying to slime others.

The idea that LGF was racist has always been plain idiotic. Charles is a jerk, and always has been, but racist? Hate? Never saw that, and I've been trying to see it.

The Sphinx said...

So Joe, just because a few "moby"s exist, internet racism is nothing to take seriously? That's like saying you shouldn't condemn gun violence, as paintballers shoot each other all the time without killing anyone.

And besides, the point of LGF in the past - which we have tried to make clear in ever so simple English - was that the hateful comments were more of the norm. Religious bigotry and fear of everyone and everything Muslim was (and probably still is, albeit more discreetly) alive and well. And here's the crux of the matter:

Back then, Charles attracted this hateful readership via painfully one-sided reporting, did not make any effort to talk sense into his readers or stop the openly hateful comments, and NOW he's accusing his counterparts at Hot Air of doing exactly that.

Back then, he would even do anything to deflect some well-deserved criticism of his bigoted fanbase, without even admitting they've been factually wrong all along.

Things are a lot better now, and I'm not blaming him at all for taking a swipe at Hot Air. But allow me to chuckle (pun rather coincidental) at the guy for becoming exactly like those he despised so much in the past.

The Sphinx said...

Oh by the way, you've still got an old LGF Quiz to take.

grain said...

You kooks should be happy!..The Madness of King Charles in full bloom. Racism under every rock! Republicans zip-tying Bibles to our foreheads.

So what do you do with all the smears you've leveled at LGF for 5 years?

oh it get it: ("the enemy of of my enemy is my friend")

Well, you're welcome to him. You'll love his re-branding as kinder,gentler fascist.