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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quote Of The Day

After all, who cares about basic fact checking when there’s an ideology to be

Charles Johnson (LGF)

It seems Charles has had a memory wipe and can't recall the 24/7 coverage of bullshit stories about Muslims he peddled for the last couple of years.


The Sphinx said...

There was a time..

Edmund Ironside said...

Do you have a theory why Charles Johnson has transformed so bizarrely?

V said...


Anonymous said...

Here is my theory. I expected Charles will show more liberal ideas if Obama win.

If you read CJ blog before 9/11 he was pretty much liberal, but nationalist. he was even "Bush basher", after 9/11 his nationalist side strike him hard and he was angry as evident from his posts at the time. He entered then in debates in the comment with different sides, liberals and cons. as part of nationalism , he seems to think he has to support the government of the United States, because that will provide solid support against terrorists. therefore, he also adopted their foreign policy ideas and all their supporters.

when Bush's actions clearly screamed louder, and it was obvious that most Americans against him, and now democrats became the lead. CJ liberal side struck again, especially after he also saw his buddies can associate with anyone even if neo-nazis or facists as he may believe. and who knows, maybe Pam ditched him for Jihad Watch master, maybe that added jealousy . who knows, I'm not saying anything

but before they collapse with Pam and Jihad watch in like couple of weeks, he was bragging about Pamela "hotness" as I remember in a comment on a picture of Pam and Code Pink, showing her low class with middle finger.

CJ is liberal neocon-leaning agnostic nationalist. that simple, if in future, they arrest some Muslims plotting, his nationalist side will take over again, but he support the president. if next president is Republican, he ll turn back Republican as long as he nationalist.

just my thought. maybe all wrong.

jeppo said...

Check out these comments I found on this Wiki talk page (scroll down). These are lizards calling Palestinians sub-humans and vermin, and demanding that they be sterilized, starved, and slaughtered en masse.

Do you guys have a cache of such comments, particularly wrt the Palestinians? I'd like to get a collection of these genocidal comments together, just to remind folks that the now holier-than-thou CJ made his name as the internet's foremost proponent of the Final Solution to the Palestinian question.

I want to embarrass CJ by posting a list of his or his lizards' comments de-humanizing and/or advocating violence toward Muslims--and particularly Palestinians--everywhere on the net that the subject of LGF comes up. He may fancy himself as the scourge of the right today, but the fact is that LGF in the 2001-2007 period could fairly be described as a (Palestinian) exterminationist blog.

And I don't want anyone to forget it, ever.

Danny F said...

My theory is that Charles likes to "root for the winning team". When the repulicans are in government, expect him to be their biggest supports once again.

Northern Bandit said...

What is even more bizarre is watching his remaining retinue hang on like lamprey eels. "Sharmuta" (who surely has no other role in life save posting at LGF) would support Johnson no matter what lunacy and self-contradictory rubbish he spouts. No independence of mind whatsover, that is scary.

Johnson is a hypocrite of massive proportions. For years he labeled every Muslim on earth terrorists ("ROP") and now he has the freakin' gall to attack what he perceives as bigotry in others?

Pony-tailed psuedointellectual blowhard. Should stick to his music.

Southside Suarez said...

More signs of the Apocalypse:

Kos approvingly links to Chuckles:

You want bizarre? How about me linking to Little Green Footballs, where founder Charles Johnson appears to be undergoing some sort of John Cole/Andrew Sullivan moment and rejecting the conservative movement. His former blogger allies have all delinked him, and the right-wing talking point is that Johnson is "melting down".

But "melting down" is a euphemism for "he's no longer buying our lies, racism, and bullshit". I don't follow LGF enough to see if Johnson's rabid neocon tendencies have mellowed, but on domestic politics, he appears to have made a wholesale rejection of the conservative movement. A fascinating work in progress.

And Chuckles just as graciously acknowledges the link...