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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watching the Gates

Thanks to commenter "Gates of Vienna Watch" for pointing us toward, well, Gates of Vienna Watch.

Ah, the joy of exposing the idiocies of an moronic ultra-right-wing blog. Sure takes us back... (fade into "Memories")

And let's not forget our friend Lex over at GoV Vs the World, who has been doing yeoman service for a couple of years now.


The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Why, when I see LGF these days, am I reminded of the fate of newspaper publisher Gail Wynand in The Fountainhead ?

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

V--thanks so much for the kudos! We've tried to stay so much on the Blog Wars and have considered our other choices of post writing only if they fall under the categories of Pammycakes smushing her juggs all over Spencer (I bet this is the ONLY thing he likes about his height--eye level with "Hug-Me-For-This-Pic-Geller"); occasional calls for forced deporation, genocide, and some absurd notion that the commentariat (those effin' little lizards) are actually the lizards. Oh yeah, and Pam & Bob gloating on YouTube about winning some obscure poll over LGF.

Never forget though, I came up with and started the blog, but the next thing I did was invite Sphinx and make him co-administrator. Which he promptly used to change the site language to German...ROFL...I love you so much Sphinxy! So give the man some credit where it's due!

I can't thank you guys enough for all you've done for me. GoV needed it's own watch site (given her hatred of GoV, do you think Sharmuta has refrained from saying "Stalker Blog!!!" yet?)

After being on hiaatus I have now returned to attack the morons, along with our newest co-blogger, MT. Akbar, who has added some rather interesting posts and stirred the pot quite a bit over at govvs. For more on the hilarious and the deeper side of MT Akbar, see his blog, here, and especially his post on Pammycakes Vs. The Young Turks..... a true classic (includes video!) in which MT raises the question of "Muslims Against Sharia" and its seeming to be just Pamela and one really trash-mouthed guy.

Sorry for the length, but you know me. I also mainly just miss you guys! I'm coming back to the web, so I'll be over more often, depending on how much winger fur is flying;)

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

Awww shucks V, you're giving me credit all over the place. So it's YOU who is behind this site! HAHA! Since I do still keep a "watch" over GoV (though mainly on the Blog War posts) I always thought there should be a GoV Watch site. It's probably the most inciteful blog/comments out there for a blog that is still considered "mainstream".

Just don't forget that link (GoV main page) to "Dymphna's Other Blog" nor to Conservative Swede's GoV comments blog. Yep, just the comments. That was started back when the genocidal faction of LGF were being banned and were venting "As The Banned Played On" (Baron's joke, not mine) at GoV. It got so bad that Baron himself had to go into the comments and tell people not to be so openly racist.

Drop me a line at some point here. I may have given GoV less coverage by the time we started govvs, but my other blog is still loaded. Plus, Dymphna's hate mail is hilarious. Drop her a line as well. You'll treasure the results. HAAA!