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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Zombie is missing a braaiiin

An ingenious piece by LGF informant Zombie, who is currently risking his/her/its life in Denver, reporting on the librul demonrat-commie-anarchofascist-terrornazis. Or something..


This piece was introduced by Chuckles with this: "Zombie's latest report is on the mosque that was constructed in Denver's Civic Center Park, within sight of the capitol building. The mainstream media don't think this is newsworthy."

..and started by the undead critter with: "I first arrived in Denver's Civic Center Park expecting to see hordes of anarchists and protesters. Instead, I was confronted with this huge mosque made of translucent fabric."

First off, that's not a mosque. If you look carefully at the provided photos, it's basically two short archways, a small "chamber" in the middle with a dome on top. No prayer rooms, just pictures.

Second, this isn't "huge" by any standard. In fact, when it comes to large mosques..

.. this contraption is tiny. But we know how the words "huge mosque" are bound to unleash awe and lots of wet undergarments amongst the lizard army (.. and apologize hereby to our faithful lizard readers for showing this horrifying photo of a beautiful large mosque in Istanbul).

Needless to say, some of the comments were demonstrating the true aching love of lizards towards Muslims everywhere and/or their conviction that only the small minority of them - like with all other groups - are actually maniacs (#4, #8, #13, #24, #26, #29, #32, .. to name just a few).

And as a bonus: #22 by 'ted', with positive ratings:

" '...this huge mosque made of translucent fabric...'

Anyone got a match?"

The distant memory of an episode concerning a mosque in St. Louis comes to mind..


Anonymous said...

AQ and Iranian regime would love and party with Zombie and CJ, they all hate sufis.

the funny thing is everything in Zombie article uses "seems", "appear to" and other predictions that is based on doubts.

He says probably this mosque to stop the talk about military attack. please give me a break, there is nothing in those photos implies that. He also wonders why they use attractive young Iranian woman pictures!! if they use ugly Iranian fully covered woman, he will say radicals anti-women!

If they just keep focusing on real extremists, terrorists or extreme rules, no problem, but they keep going after non-issues to show their racism and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Confronted! By a mosque! Attractive young Iranian women! Who will protect us from this outrage?!

Dan Coyle said...

Zombie complains constantly about elitism, yet has his/her nose upturned at everyone, and refuses to engage anyone.

Whatever Zombie thinks his/her politics are, there's one thing I can say for sure- she/he does not see democrats/liberals as people worthy of respect.

Pete said...

I've been to that Mosque. Truly a fantastic sight, thanks for the reminder

Keith said...

Considering the content of the writing and the site it appears on, Zombie is a deliciously ironic nom de plume. Regardless, isn't this a display set up by a group of Colorado buddhists? How dare them commieislamofascistunhinged buddhists dare to suggest that Iranians are humans!? Like, seriously! Every RATIONAL person in America knows that Iranian society consists solely of muslim robots hell bent on devouring the flesh of white protestant Americans!

Anonymous said...

The distant memory of an episode concerning a mosque in St. Louis comes to mind..

The LGF comment is stupid and reprehensible, but I still find it...awkward... that you would speak of a "distant memory" of sacrilege right after posting a picture of a mosque in Istanbul.

The Sphinx said...

"but I still find it...awkward... that you would speak of a "distant memory" of sacrilege right after posting a picture of a mosque in Istanbul."

I just intended to point out that this rubbish comment reminded me of this incident of threats towards the St. Louis Mosque based on a lie spread by Charles, and how he probably doesn't care about his readership spewing out such garbage.
Don't be put off by the word "distant". In fact, I still remember that incident very, very well. I apologize though, sometimes I'm a bit too sarcastic for my own good..