Little Green Footballs

Sunday, August 03, 2008

New Feature: LGF threads on Digg

Some clever guy (you know who you are) had the bright idea of adding the latest LGF-related threads on Digg to the top of the page. Since most of us can't post on LGF, Digg is where you can vent your spleen about the latest racist claptrap on LGF.


Lex said...

Good thing too. I need another showdown with Sharmuta....LOL.

ChenZhen said...

I took it a step further, and created a site that not only tracks the LGF submissions, but also a few of the lizard wannabes (aka LGF Diggbats) that frequently show up making the submissions, digging, and commenting.

Digg has RSS feeds for just about anything, so I can add lots of trackers to the site and it pretty much runs on autopilot.

Jamboeknee said...

Yeah, I agree LGF needs open registration for real freedom of speech.