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Friday, August 29, 2008


So Charles Johnson has given up on writing a blog.

Instead, he's letting other people do it for him: PJMedia and the John McCain campaign provide the video; the MSM provide the news; 'Zombie' provides the original content; and the lizards provide the mindless 'Open Thread' chatter that makes LGF such a pleasant place to hang out.

And what does Charles do? He counts his advertising revenue; he does the odd celebrity interview; and he monitors his little minions to make sure their Gesinnung doesn't stray from the accepted norm. Oh yes, and he hangs about at cocktail parties!

Way to go, that's 21st century media for you.


K said...

Rumsfeld Meets Saddam - Rare Version with Sound with a neat timeline at the end on Uncle Sam's relationship with old girlfriend Saddam in the 80s

Dan Coyle said...

Charles reminds me, yet again, of that "Cut Every Corner" gag from the Sharry Bobbins episode of The Simpsons

Anonymous said...

Not sure how much ad revenue CJ is counting. Seems to be mostly PajamasMedia that's advertising on his site today.

I wonder what he thinks of the (somewhat) creationist Palin as McCain's running mate.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now he repents and become again a leftist after he discovered how his minions hate science, but maybe he is thinking I need to make money out of those idiots.

If CJ is reading this, I suggest him to go back to writing programs, it is better Charles, you are not good at politics, and tomorrow Democrats will take over the government, you can just switch affiliation quickly and without anybody notice. Since based on your logic, you can't be against the government if there is a war on terror. now can you? Remember he backed Bush after 9/11 although he was a "bush basher"

Anonymous said...

My, what a paranoid, envious, pathetic little world you live in.

All your "criticism" reveals is that Charles Johnson has had some success at this blogging thing, and you haven't. Isn't that the whole point of free enterprise--give each person the opportunity to create something of their own, and if it succeeds, it will draw others and revenue to it?

He's still posting. And now he has "correspondents" to help him out. What is so outre' or risible about that? Wouldn't you expect a start-up independent in the media to develop into a team, if it were a success?

Or is it your position that CJ can't be doing honest work unless he lives in obscurity, posts rarely and on irrelevancies, and never gets invited onto other media outlets? In other words, unless he's just like you?

Oh, and are we to understand that LGFWatch now opposes cocktail parties? Because thou art JEALOUS, there shall be no cakes and ales?


Anonymous said...

Hey Rico, why don't you read the post again and come back later? the point of the post is that Charles is not writing much original content, he is only linking to others . in fact I don't see any original content, even the open threads contain quotes. you can go to many sites including right wing sites like Michellemalkin and you will see original content, and people helping her, although I consider Malkin worst than CJ, but she is writing something. CJ is not adding anything.

oh sometimes he writes about programming, those are good posts, hopefully he increases that and stops posting about politics, it's not his specialty.

LGFWatch posters have other blogs, and I don't think they are asking for fame, if you want fame like CJ, do the following:

1-Open a blog.
2-Post articles about the threats of Immigrants, Muslims, Illegal immigrants, Russians, mean liberals.
3-Link to other right wing blogs, and hail them as smart even if they are not.
4-make couple of open threads, and post some quotes.
5-Put some ads.
6-ban all those who call you out for your idiocy.
7-Bash on the MSM, and look in their photos and discover some photoshop "scandals" .
8-Harvest your ads money.

Notice that a lot of times on a controversial subjects, CJ does not even comment on the quote from MSM, I guess he wants to test the water what his minions think.

Remember CJ used to be a "typical" Californian liberal Bush basher nerd, he was even not pro-Israel, read his early threads and comments before 9/11 and shortly after 9/11