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Monday, August 20, 2007

You're having a laugh...

Summer is so nice and LGF is so dull that we rarely get round to reading that dreary site these days. So instead, from our email inbox, two little web items that might be of interest:

U.S. diplomat accused of anti-Arab comments retires

It is not an offence to offend somebody - Israelis offended at UK comedy club play race card


thecaptain said...

Yeah, it is odd, old Charlie's site has got rather tedious over the last few weeks, lets hope he is losing interest.

AM said...

The upset and vindictive Israelis pretty much represent what the larger pro-Israeli bodies do when any criticism of Israel appears, especially in places where it may have an impact on support for Israel (i.e. the U.S.). The Chicago Council on Global Affairs just cancelled a forum featuring the authors of the 'Israeli Lobby' book, Walt and Mearsheimer due to pro-Israeli pressure (which demonstrates the books argument in practice). Nobel Peace laureate, Jimmy Carter, who has done more than any American alive to being peace to the Mid-east and brokered the Israeli/Egyptian peace treaty, was skewered by pro-Israel apologists and operatives. The more credible or legitimate the criticism is, the more the Israeli-firsters lash out and defame whomever it may be. But as we can see here, even small trivial implied criticims of Israel, even when intended for humour, can have consequences.