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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A little news roundup

Pamela and Chuckie's children come home to roost: Arab boy bound & beaten in class, suit says

Don't expect this news to appear (unspun) on LGF: Most Muslims reject suicide bombings

And an LGFer finally shows some sanity:

#39 WrathOfG-d

re: #26 Burkha, Flies and a Shiekh

There is absolutely ZERO reason to believe that the person that committed the Space Shuttle Sabotage was a Muslim.

Its this kneejerk, stupid, anti-Muslim reaction that gives LGF a bad name & takes away any credability we, who are concerned about the ACTUAL Islamist threat against the West, have!

You sound like someone with BDS. "What? Someone crashed their car into a home? ....I bet it was a Muslim?" "I stubbed my toe, I bet a Muslim put the chair there."

(hat tips to all who deserve them)


Anonymous said...

LGF will ignore this hate crime against a Muslim just like they ignore the U.S. casualties mounting in Iraq.

If WrathofG-d keeps that up he'll soon incur the wrath of Chuckie and have his account deleted for pointing out that LGF has no credibility with anyone not wearing a tinfoil hat.

He'll learn that showing signs of sanity is a mindcrime at LGF, where the biggest nut is running the asylum.

Legalize said...

Wow, that Wrath of God fellow is usually one of the most insane and violent posters on LGF.

The Sphinx said...

Here's a quasi-leftwing voice of dissent from LGF that's probably the only one left:

I can't find the thread again, but this guy said that with a bit of effort, it's pretty easy to accuse the left of _anything_. A torrent of surprised responses appeared, even from Chuckles himself, followed by sad comments from people who "tried to deprogramme him but still have faith that he'll leave his idiotarian background behind".

Very sad.

Anonymous said...

If radical Muslim terrorists did not commit the crimes say on the USS Cole, WTC 1&2, The London bombings, The bombing attempt in Scotland, then who pray tell is/are the culprits? I suppose most of those on the radical left blame Bush/Rove/Cheney for all of the above acts of Terrorism, oh that's right, the evil USA is behind all of the evil in the world.