Little Green Footballs

Thursday, August 02, 2007

...and in other news.

1. Iraqi Deaths Spike 5 Months Into Surge

2. US 'Loses' 190,000 Weapons in Iraq

3. Civilian Deaths in Iraq Up One-Third in a Month

4. DC Antiwar Demonstrators Awarded $1 Million Over Unlawful Arrests

5. Violence Rages in Iraq as Sunni Bloc Leaves Cabinet


The Sphinx said...

In other non-news, Charles continues to lie:

#70 Charles

" 'The Sphinx' by the way, was almost certainly the person who posted a large number of filthy comments that all had to be deleted, in the middle of the night, and tried to register 4 or 5 usernames for later use, with proxy IPs."

Oh hardy har har, Charlie, I almost found that to be funny. Wonder who you bagged there, seeing that I've never even registered at that wretched hole of yours..

Anonymous said...

He's desperate to stimulate some traffic (his is approaching a 3 year low and trending lower according to Alexa).

That place is dying.

Anonymous said...

Guh, I wanted the surge to work in the sense that the Iraqi peoples suffering would be eased... I mean, when the right will say how hunky-dandy everything is 24/7 then it really doesn't matter whether they have at least a little substance.

The American people seems to have sworn off the idea that the invasion has any bearing outside of the utilitarian realm of argumentation, and that it fails badly even there.

And neither left nor right wants to take a firm stance against the Saudi masters of oil who try to infuse Muslims in Europe and elsewhere with a perverted, violent and separatist strain of Islam. Silly...