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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Deadly silence

Although Charles is currently jerking himself into a lather over Wikipedia edits (what's YOUR IP, Johnson?), he did manage to write about an attempted bomb attack in Morocco, and the torching of a California mosque.

Is the great lizard finally becoming aware of the real world?

Not so. Witness his total silence on the killing of nearly 200 people in American Occupied Iraq last night.


megaslackerzord said...

I am a new visitor to your site. I do not understand, you offer NO counter point to any of the articles posted on LGF. I am not sure but LGF is a site were a person you call Charles posts articles from several media sources. I read the articles and find them informative. Seems as if a lot of folks post comments on LGF. In general I don't like what they write, it's all child talk and babble.

So, I go looking for additional information on the articles I have just read on LGF and found your site. I would have assumed there would have been an alternate view or perspective to articles post by LGF. That is not what I have found. It seems to be some type of Charles bash, where I can not find any countpoints to you articles posted on LGF.

What are you watching? Couldn't you provide a counterpoint acticle from a legit media source to help disclose any bias or untruthes that are in the articles LGF posts? That would be helpful. Otherwise and this maybe a bit of a stretch, but your site seems to be a personal attack against a person and has no real referancial or editoral value. maybe you can explain your motivation and postion with out using LGF and Charles as a target.

What if there where no LGF what would you tell me about CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood and President Ahmadinejad. What can tell me about the US presidenial canidates with out smeering the current admin?

Thank you for letting me to comment on your site. Please overlook my grammar, sentence structure and spelling for I am a product of public schools.

The Sphinx said...

Megaslackerzord, the issue is very simple. First, if you browse through the many posts of this blog, you'll notice how often Charles has been exposed as a major-league hypocrite. Just look around a little and you'll see.

Second, the one-sidedness and bias of LGF is downright crippling. And while Charles quotes news sources, very often you'll find that he clings onto a very small aspect of some news report, and ignore the rest, even though it's in the quote he posted.

Example: There was this Memri video (Another highly biased "source" for news) about a Muslim cleric talking about what instances it's ok to lie in. One was in order to avoid problems in marriage, one was in order to reconcile two people, and one was when you lie to an enemy at war. In this case, the man said: Imagine we would be at war with Jews and they captured somebody of us and told him to reveal all their secrets. Naturally in such a case, lying to your captors is somehow understandable. Mr. Common Sense will tell you that. Now I don't know why he brought the example with Jews in particular, it could've been anyone in that circumstance.

However, and here's the manipulation, Charles IMMEDIATELY said: "Look look! He says it's ok for Muslims to lie to Jews!", completely ignoring the rest of what was said. That is downright pathetic if you ask me, and something I'd expect only the most rubbish of tabloids to do. Unfortunately, it's what Charles does, and has done many times before.

And when do you EVER read about positive things coming from Muslims on LGF? It has gone so far that his fan-base will flat-out refuse to believe that anything of the sort can happen. The people there have repeated an extreme amount of lies so many times that they all started to believe it themselves. Mosques being terror schools, Christians and Jews being counted as infidels in Islam, and so on.
Anybody who has a real idea about Islam knows that that's complete and utter bullsh*t. The LGFian image of the Middle East with the 15 years I've actually lived there yield no similarity whatsoever. So one of us has to be wrong, and I don't think it's me.

The very fact that Charles manipulates his readership by cherry picking what he posts is enough. LGF is not a news source, it's an outlet for anger, outrage and ignorance.

You surely must be aware of the power of propaganda. Ask yourself how else did Nazi Germany manage to pull off its entire program? The propaganda machine pounded the same drizzle into the heads of the Germans so many times until they started to believe it. And some of it is very similar to what you see on LGF. The same old We're-better-and-smarter-than-everybody-else attitude and the They're-out-to-get-us-all paranoia.

The key words here are manipulation, hypocrisy and bias. Surely you don't want to rely on sources that are riddled with that, do you?

Anonymous said...

Check the archives here for full disclosure of LGF untruths and biases. They are legion!

You obviously think Charles Johnson is a delicate, simpering pantywaist and defending him is a noble cause.

Well OK. Allow me to retort. Charles Johnson is a well-known rabblerousing bigot and runs a public blog. He doesn’t do it anonymously. He regularly appears in interviews publicising LGF and he makes good money doing it.

He is also notorious for slandering, libelling and smearing other bloggers and public figures on his website. LittleGreenFootballs doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Its impossible to separate LGF from Charles Johnson. He runs the blog. He picks the front page stories. He editorializes. He moderates the comments. I'd like to see you try and separate a person from their actions. A person’s actions defines the person.

Personally, I think Charles Johnson is a creepy weirdo, as are most of the posters at LGF. You may think that’s just bashing, whereas I think he chose to open himself up as a target. He chose publicity over privacy. It’s the landscape he himself picked to inhabit.

What if there where no LGF what would you tell me about CAIR, The Muslim Brotherhood and President Ahmadinejad.

If there was no LGF this site wouldnt exist and you wouldnt be posting here so the point is moot.
If youre suggesting LGF is a primary source of information about world affairs then you need psychiatric help. and maybe a TV set.

Anonymous said...

It is this simple: Charles Johnson cherry-picks the news, lies about or distorts the news. LGF is a hate site, plain and simple. LGF distorts the facts about Islam, 911, and terrorism. The real terrorist may or may not be found but Charles and his flock of rabid racists always blame Muslims and the Progressives for the ills of the world. Charles Johnson is not a political expert and should be regarded as a demagog.

megaslackerzord said...

Thank you taking the time to explain your motivation. I found your comments clear, sane and to the point. I will be paying closer attention given the examples you have provided.

Funny, LGF being a blog I rarely read the comments and I dont usually take the cherries without reading the complete article and then searching for alternate sources which include blogs and new sources coming out of the middle east.

I will dig around your archives and I will decide for myself. In the mean time, again thank you for your time and courtesy.

Anonymous said...

Pffffffft. Bottom line, 9/11/01 DID happen, and ya'll can't pretend Muslism weren't the perps. 'Nuff said.