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Friday, October 29, 2004

Revealing the true nature of Little Green Footballs

The Revealer, a religion-focused zine ran a comment ('If Hitler was a blogger') the other day about how strange it was that a racist website like LGF should win a Washington Post blogging contest. Unsurprisingly, Charles couldn't take the flak and wrote a limp defense of his loony lizards' racist rantings (

Now, first of all, about the contest: it was a reader poll, meaning that since Charles got all his goons to vote for him, it wasn't much of a contest. Lizards on heat win hands down. We doubt Charles would have got into the Top Ten if it had been peer-reviewed or editor chosen. Such is democracy, and democracy sometimes throws up nasty results (see further: Bush, Adolf Hilter). But anyway, LGF won the International category (what, Cali is in a different country from DC?), good for Charles. He obviously needs the encouragement.

Second, the Revealer's comment about LGF being the blogging equivalent to Hitler in the Hofbrauhaus is quite astute: imagine someone back then had said: "Boy, this Hitler guy is like the Austrian equivalent of General Franco". They'd have been laughed at and then beaten up for daring to draw such nasty comparisons...

Still, do we think Charles = Hitler? No, though he's trying his best to match the evil Austrian in demagogery and small-mindedness. Lucky there's no fascist American party looking for a leader at the moment. We hear Charles' voice is nearly as whiny as the Fuehrer's was...

Third: Charles, don't you think it's a bit stupid to defend your minions against the accusation that they write abusive and threatening emails to those you denounce ( We've had them at LGFW, and we know what we're talking about. LGF readers are among the most foul mouthed users of email on this planet. They certainly beat the hell out of the islamist emails we've received in our time ('may Allah burn you in hell etc etc...'). Face it Charles, you stir the shit up, don't be surprised if your readers go feral. God knows, one day you're going to have blood on your hands when one of them goes out and shoot someone. If I were you, I'd start putting some more disclaimers on the site now, baby, otherwise good ole Charlie J is going to have soooome explaining to do one day.

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