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Sunday, October 17, 2004

'The moonbats will surely download this thread and put it under their pillows'

First, take a look at this cartoon:

Now take a look at this thread on Little Green Footballs, specifically the comments:

Notice how Charles and the LGF crew are a textbook example of the kind of neo-con Chinese Whispers machine that the US mass media have become? Picking out half-understood soundbites and building massive memes that lack any foundation apart from what what their vicious little lizard minds have imagined? In this thread, Charles reports on a ceremony to commemorate those killed in the carpet bombing of the North German town of Brunswick (aka Braunschweig). But instead of writing about the intention of the ceremony (hint, the original headline was: 'British bid to mend war scars'), Charles reinterprets the story as: 'Apologizing to the Nazis'.

Let's get this straight: 1) The British ambassador made it clear that he wasn't apologising, merely commemorating the dead. 2) Even if the British had apologised for needlessly killing so many civilians, this would not have equalled apologising to the Nazis. It would have been an apology to the civilians who suffered. 3) Is Charles saying that the Nazis attended the ceremony, patiently accepting a heartfelt apology from a former enemy? Because that's certainly what he implies with the way he portrays the story. And it wouldn't be surprising if Charles actually believe this, considering the way he and his scaly scum regard Europe in general as anti-Semitic and Germany in particular as a hotbed of fascism.

Just how misinformed you become if you read only the right-wing drivel that LGFers seem to draw sustenance from is demonstrated in the first few comments of that thread when outraged lizardoids howl: "I wonder if Germany will apologize for Coventry." We wonder where these people have been for the last 60 years? Germany has apologised, paid pennance and admitted unqualified guilt for the atrocities it committed from 1933 to 1945. But that kind of thing squares uncomfortably with the notion that the lizard crew has of Germany as a Fourth Reich, waiting to unleash terror on the world once again. Yes, Germans were Nazis, are Nazis, and always will be Nazis, at least that is the view of LGF regulars like 'Bigel', who additionally believes that the best thing to do would be to nuke the entire continent (

The sad descent of this thread into an all-out hatefest is brightened only by three things:

1) There are clearly some people on LGF with a conscience (e.g. reaganite)
2) The thread will serve as a good example of lizard lunacy in future
3) It's always a joy to puncture the empty arguments of Charles' cronies with a simple google search:

#582 Powderfinger 10/16/2004 08:29PM PST


Show me where he says "Nuke Europe now"

Otherwise, you're being dishonest.

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