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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Lies and the lying liars that don't report them

Oi veh, the LGFWatch crew goes away for a few days and comes back to find Charles of LittleGreenFootballs still peddling his nasty racist wares, writing wank-lit for aspiring neocons and generally ignoring the real world. Want an example? While dwelling on the issue of forbidden pens in presidential debates for half a dozen posts, Charles Johnson completely fails to mention that Cheney lied on camera during the Veep debate. As AP notes, "among Cheney's retorts was a slam at the first-term North Carolina senator's attendance record in Congress. Cheney noted that, as Vice President, he presides over the Senate, then told Edwards pointedly, 'The first time I ever met you was when we walked on stage tonight.' A sly dig, to be sure. Also false: Cheney had met Edwards twice before. But Edwards let it slide at least until his post-debate rally."

A simple oversight on Charlie's part? We think not. Oh well, back to the grindstone...

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