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Friday, October 08, 2004

LGF: Telling it like it is...half of it

Yes indeed, Charles Johnson is a purveyor of truths. At least that is what his scaley minions seem to think. We mortals only ever get to see half the truth on LGF. Take today's offerings: '9/11 Families Speak' reports what a particular group among all the families affected by 9/11 think ( No mention of the fact that there are other families who don't believe that Bush is doing the right thing. Who cares about the whole truth? Not the lizards...

Next on the list: 'Kerry's Vanished Draft Proposal' ( Readers of this headline might get the impression that Kerry had tried to force every American youngster to serve in the military. In fact, Kerry's plan was to introduce the kind of national service found in some European countries, where school-leavers engage in a wide range of services ranging from helping the elderly, sick and vulnerable, to receiving a year of military training. This is a little bit different from Republican plans to force every young person in the States to register for military draft with the possibility of combat posting. Shame this distinction is lost on the pea-brainers at LGF.

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