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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Company You Keep

It seems that our work here, as far as LGF and Charles Johnson are concerned, is just about done. Charles has become a reformed character and the most venomous of the Lizards have been booted or left in disgust. Well done LGF Watch!

Unfortunately, during his rabid days, Charles encouraged others to the dark side. One such is "batshit crazy" Pamela Oshry Geller, mentioned here at LGF Watch many times: (see tags).

Since we have space available, here she is today, boobs to shoulder with the John Birch Society. Note in the small print of the Tennessee Tea Party shindig that the TTP is planning to give away FIREARMS at their rally!


The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Change name of blog to "Atlas Juggs Watch".

Danny F said...

Anyone catch the rantings of the little green cretins regarding the leaked Apache civilian shooting? That was reason enough for this blog to still exist under its current title.

Anonymous said...

I checked his blog and now he seems more to the left than ever. I think you should announce this on the blog and suspend posting and rather start a blog to watch all the creatures he created or enabled. Make sure to link it to here. This blog is dying.

CJ is now as left as CrooksAndLiars. I think he should post there too?

Sea Salt said...

I got booted off there last week for responding to this post:

Here's what I wrote that got deleted:

Some of the old LGF links are serious wingnut material.

• “Facts: Barack Obama did explicitly refuse to wear a flag pin, and there are not one, but two Cuban flags with Che Guevara on them at Obama’s Houston campaign office.”

- "Another Photo Of Obama In Muslim Garb? Looks like it."

- “After Barack Obama invades Pakistan, one of his close advisers, Samantha Power, may have another target in mind: Israel.”

-America wrestles with the issue of whether it would be a good idea to elect a President with a 20-year history of associating with people who hate America

- “Did Obama Hide His Father’s Communist Ideology?”

- Pure Antisemitism at Official Obama Site.”

- Obama’s Employer Desecrated Flag.”

- "After relentlessly labeling anyone who brings up the issue of Barack Obama’s Muslim origins as a bigot, a racist, or a lunatic, suddenly this morning the New York Times publishes an op-ed that actually admits Obama was born a Muslim—and that it might cause serious problems in an Obama presidency. I raised this issue back on February 11, just for the record.”

- ”Barack Obama has sponsored a bill that’s on the fast track to becoming law, that could impose an enormous global tax on the United States under the control of the United Nations.

Anonymous said...

So, since CJ's had a change of heart, you're looking for new material to stay relevant. Ah, the seems LGF Watch is going through the same fade to black as LGF itself, for the same reason.

Rodan said...

Congrats on your victory over Charles! The Diary of Daedalus is now the new LGFwatch!

I will have a tribute for you guys this weekend!

Congrats on a glorious victory! We will finish off CJ!