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Monday, May 31, 2010

Charles' moment of truth

Charles' moderate-liberal bona fides are about to be put to a serious test... because even though he has publicly flip-flopped on every other issue imaginable, his unconditional support of Israel has, apparently, remained steadfast.

Now the IDF has killed several foreign pro-Palestinian activists on a flotilla of boats -- which may or may not have been in international waters -- trying to deliver supplies through the Gaza blockade. To the extent that Charles cares about retaining his current leftish fanbase, which he surely does if he wants to hold on to whatever traffic he has left, he will have to tread very, very carefully -- for the almost unanimous reaction to this, at least for anyone to the left of Robert Spencer and Pammy Atlas Gellar Shrieks, is shock and horror.

If this were 2007, he would of course be coining amusing nicknames for the victims, heaping scorn on Turkey and Europe and the UN and (why not?) the moldering corpse of Yassir Arafat, and cheering silently as his readers spew every anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian cliché imaginable. But this is 2010, so he can't do that.

So what'll it be, Charles? Back to the future, ignore it completely, or (gasp!) criticize Israel for once?


The Sphinx said...

Scare quotes around the term 'peace activists', defense of the IDF.. Yep, some things haven't changed.

V said...

Well, this time the posters questioning Israel's actions, instead of being insta-banned outright, are merely being down-dinged (or is it "dinged down")?

he who scoffs at danger said...

i honestly don't think his new leftish fanbase sincerely cares. they are there to service their own agendas.

in any case, i don't suppose charles will stay rigidly pro-israel forever. he's a team thinker. he'll be susceptible to arguments along the lines of, "so-and-so likud party member had such-and-such dealings with this extremist third party".

then, suddenly, everything pro-israel will be "kahanist propaganda" and racisty, and cato the elder and sanfransiscozionist will wake up one afternoon and won't be able to log on. charles will say they had sockpuppets and were posting at blogmocracy.

then, after a republican wins the 2016 election, charles will be a rightwinger again. maybe even a paleocon.

Danny F said...

Ah Chuckie, you were so close to presenting a respectable middle of the road blog. You went and blew it again.

The Israeli action was totally illegal, and here you are back to your old criminal cheer-leading ways.

Sancho said...

I got banned from LGF a few hours ago.

In the "Tim Blair, Ignorant Slut" thread I suggested that Johnson's rabid Zionism is driven by a desire not to appear hypocritical after his post-9/11 conversion to conservatism and subsequent sprint back when he calmed down long enough to realise how insane his new allies are.

I followed up with an enquiry about where I can learn more about the movement to give Native Americans a chunk of the U.S. and then support them in violently seizing the rest of it.

The post was deleted and I'm banned.

Most interesting was Johnson's comment on the ban: "And with that comment, you are cordially invited to go piss on somebody else's carpet."

By having a comment function on his blog, Johnson gives the illusion of promoting free speech and discussion, but all he really wants to see is long threads of uninterrupted praise.

Anonymous said...

Charles hasnt changed at all..he stil sees the IOF as a fountain of truth.
The more things change, the more they stay the same


Danny F said...

You are right, anyone who isn't a complete sycophant is immediately cast out by the cult leader in chief. At this rate, one wonders why there is even a comment system there at all; he'd be better off switching to short list of thoroughly vetted "lgf operatives" (AKA stooges) such as cato the elder and killgore trout, who unthinkingly adhere to their master's bizarre ideology of fair-weather liberalism and foaming at the mouth Muslim hatred. It couldn't possibly make the stale air of the echo chamber any less palatable.

At least we can all laugh at how irrelevant lgf has become. The minor cropping of photos? Really? Really? Regardless of whether lgf was the first place to notice a professional news organisations editing preferences, that's pretty weak sauce, not to mention strangely pathetic.

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Well, thanks to Reuters, Charles has found a way out of his predicament on this issue - I'm sure this pale echo of past times brings back fond memories for him.

Southside Suarez said...

Like an aging rock star, he has the notion that he only needs to have one hit every two or three years and not have to do any real work in the meantime.

Southside Suarez said...

Sharmuta is officially on the 'Out' list.

Dr. Pepper said...

Give it up guys, Charles is on your side now. You should close up shop as there is no reason for this website's existence. The Diary of Daedalus has replaces you in that niche. You' re yesterday news, close this blog down!

Xylon Hexes said...

Good to see that LGF Watch has accomplished its mission.....