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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The tears of a clown

The death of Rep. John Murtha leaves Charles Johnson with one less person to apologize to for past mistreatment -- including, but not limited to, venom, malice, contumely, and outright slander.

Which is a shame, because we'd really enjoy watching Charles trying to justify this and this and this and this and most especially this directly to Murtha's face.


Danny F said...

I'm not so sure Chuckie can depart from the swamp he created, seeing as LGf is such a cesspool he has to warn his site members not to speak ill of the dead in the first comment.

Reading all the snide almost insults that were written was pretty disgusting.

ChenZhen said...

Why do you say "especially" the LGF awards thread? Because they nominated him for a Fiskie?

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

OT: one former LGF favorite, while not consigned to the outer reaches of Hell like Robert Spencer, is definitely no longer a favorite.

Victor Davis Hanson

Looking at tags of LGF articles, VDH received 13 tags in 2006 (tages started in March 2006 - VDH was the subject of many, many hagiographic columns before this date) - approving links to his columns. Only 4 tags in 2007, then 10 tags in 2008, the last one being right after the 2008 election.

Since then, Victor Davis Hanson has been mentioned once by Charles, in September 2009, when he defended the Lizard Tyrant from his now numerous critics. Of course the defense occurred on a blog " to which I won’t link, because they feature the writing of white supremacist blogger Robert Stacy McCain. "

Danny F said...

Ah Victor Davis Hanson... I once got a top marks in an essay for calling The Western Way of War a work of fascist apologetics.
It's unlikely that writing Ann Coulter style polemics against the Obama administration (which seems to be Hanson's whole shtick at this point) will curry much favor with the lizard tyrant these days.

Southside Suarez said...

Irish Rose is now banned. Last post on LGF was on February 23, yesterday (March 4) she posted on her own blog that she had been banned.

Danny F said...

@Southside Suarez

$10 says MandyManners is next. Haha it's like Lost.

Anonymous said...

Cover more of what charles does..why give up now? I do not understand. He is someone that still needs to be kept in check. You are the reason why he has modified his choices in the past.

Anonymous said...

mandy manners is probably charles. Think about it and the posts..over the years, I am really thinking they may be one in the same. I think lgf watch should be active....even if you may agree that he has turned "liberal"....he is someone that is deranged that does have a lot of followers and should be watched. I'm still trying to figure out if sharmuta has laid low now that she's moved to california to be his concubine or if she has taken on another persona (among the 7 she had) to contribute. She always had a mouth on her so I doubt she stayed silent but then again, her goal was always to be "with charles" so she may have disappeared for awhile and may crop up after a year or so. What I can't understand is that he isn't all that but then again, she isn't all that either (and I know her personally).

Anonymous said...

Sharmuta is not Charles' fiancee. She left LGF because her heart broke when she read that New York Times article and found out he had one. She never posted again.