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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Zombie Banned?

As much as it pains us to link to the loathsome troglodytes (apologies in advance to trogs everywhere for the insult) of the LGF2 ilk, we do so now in the interest of documenting yet another big twist in the ongoing CJ Vs. The World soap opera.

The fun begins around comment #176.

Cliff Notes version: it appears that Charles' longtime faithful doppelgänger Zombie has severed his/her* ties with LGF, or vice versa, or both, or something.

*The spurned LGFers appear to believe that Zombie is a female, but since he/she has yet to "out" him-/herself, his/her gender remains a mystery unto him-/herself. At least for now.

(h/t to commenter Southside Suarez)


Anonymous said...

Well, here's the link to the sekrit thread:

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Zombie is LGF toast.

V said...

I suspect Zombie won't become an anti-LGF agitator, though, because he/she knows that if he/she does, then Charles might very well use the nuclear option on him/her, i.e. revealing his/her identity. Which, of course, would bring zombie's career to a screeching halt.

Anonymous said...

Charles explicitly wrote that he does not know z's identity.

Anonymous said...

Zombietime is the best site on the net, because it offers very little commentary.....just hundreds of photos of liberal moonbats in photographic essay.

There is a series of photos from the Folsom street fair in San Francisco that should be seen by all of you 'tolerant' people.

LGF is a fraud. If Charles Johnson were to out zombie, I would hope someone would likewise hunt him down...maybe the muslims will put a Jihad on him...wouldn't that be interesting?