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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh really?

The members of the circular firing squad that has become the right-wing blogosphere are sharpening their aim...

Quoth Charles:

I’ve made my position very clear — I won’t stand with racists and white supremacists, not now, not in the past, not ever.

Do our eyes deceive us?!

I’ve made my position very clear — I won’t stand with racists and white supremacists, not now, not in the past, not ever.

Apologies in advance for any keyboards that might have ruined. But what we'd like to know is, when did the years 2001-2007 un-happen?


jeppo said...

"I won't stand with racists and white supremacists, not now, not in the past, not ever."

That's because racists and white supremacists are a bunch of pussies to CJ. For a long time CJ stood with exterminationists and advocates of mass murder of the innocent.

I posted a comment exposing a small fraction of the genocidal comments at LGF at Defenceman's blog, an LGF-apologist website. Of course the comment was deleted and I was banned from the site, but I pasted it over at LGF2.

If you guys could point me to any similar comments at LGF I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

V said...

Well, you could always try using the search function (the tag system does not cover all of our archive, unfortunately).

More to the point, prior to 2007 LGF was fairly simpatico with the insane Spencer/Malkin/Belien/Atlas crowd -- not to mention Pajamas Media, most of whose regular contributors are now far to the right of where Charles Johnson currently finds himself. In fact, Crazy Pammy was an LGF regular before she started her own blog, so in a way she is a blog-spawn of Charles Johnson.

Like Frankenstein's monster, the right-wing noise machine that he so lovingly nurtured all those years has taken on a life of its own and turned on its master.

Oh well, shit happens.

stvip said...


Look at Charles' pushing of Carl in Jerusalem's blog for an award, despite Carl being a conspiracy theory nut and Kahanist. In fact, he had several people - respected regulars - who openly supported Kahane, as well as the Goldstein Cave of Patriarchs massacre (I suggest reading abot those if you're unfamiliar, to understand the full extent of that).

Again, I recommend searching for the hilarious ban of June_July (she condemned white supremacists and extremists and acknowledged that sadly, even a fine site like LGF has a few amongst the members; she was instantly banned by Charles since apparently LGF is 100% free of any such people, and any person who thinks otherwise has no place on his blog; this was at the preliminary stage of the whole European neofascist brouhaha, right before Charles' willful blindness was cruelly cured by a nasty dose of reality)

(of course, this site with Sphinx's Hamas apologetics and dissemination of anti-Israeli blood libels isn't any better than LGF's worst days)

jeppo said...

Thanks. I searched using the key word "genocide" but not much popped up. I think it's going to take wading through some old LGF threads to find these types of comments.

Now that CJ is on his high horse and accusing all and sundry of racism and fascism, etc., I just want to remind people that LGF tolerated comments calling for the MASS MURDER of innocent Palestinians and Muslims for the longest time.

hoodaticus said...

Wasn't unmaking 2001-2007 the point of electing Obama?

The Sphinx said...

Jeez Stvip, not one single comment of yours - no matter how topically unrelated - without you having to take a swipe at me. Obsession, anyone?

FYI, here's something I totally agree with:

Now before you go all batsh*t crazy on me again, read the third sentence below the header at least 3 times out loud.

Alrighty then..

Southside Suarez said...

My my... how things change in just two short years...

When Lefties Drop the Mask

Fri, Aug 3, 2007 at 5:18:44 pm PDT

Isn’t that nice. Creepy Max Blumenthal’s smear job is now showing up at Yahoo News, via The Nation: The Weekly Standard’s Strange Sources.

Blumenthal can smell teh ghey all over this story, and in the course of figuring out that former TNR staffer ‘Throbert McGee’ is not heterosexual (hey, no kidding) Blumenthal smears LGF as an “overtly racist” blog.

‘Throbert McGee’ linked to LGF. Racists and homosexuals together! Eeewwww!

[Not any more. The "Gay Against Sodomy and Self-Affirming Gays" was banned just a few days ago. -ed.]

It’s always been a source of wonderment to see the same people who present themselves as paragons of morality resort to the most base, vile kinds of smears—homophobia, sexism, racism, you name it, they give themselves permission to use it—at the drop of a deadline.

The word for this tactic is “libel.” And Yahoo News really ought to re-examine the policies that are allowing this kind of irresponsible, ugly writing to appear on their service.

(But they won’t.)

UPDATE at 8/3/07 6:00:20 pm:

According to Zombie’s dictionary:

racist - A statement of surrender during an argument. When two people or disputants are engaged in an acrimonious debate, the side that first says “Racist!” has conceded defeat. Synonymous with saying “Resign” during a chess game, or “Uncle” during a schoolyard fight. Originally, the term was meant to indicate that one side was accusing the other of being racist, but once it was noticed that people only resorted to this tactic when all other arguments had been exhausted, it acquired its new meaning of “indicating one’s own concession of defeat.”

V said...

Speaking of zombie, how long till he/she/it breaks with LGF as well? Zombie's main concerns these days are "exposing" Obama-administration propaganda and brainwashing efforts, unveiling the sinister pasts of certain Obama administration officials, downplaying death threats against Obama, and -- that old standby of sweaty, desperate wingnuts everywhere -- playing the "Marxism" card at every opportunity.

None of these is exactly consistent with the current Johnsonian Weltanschauung. And we all know how well CJ suffers dissent.

jeppo said...

I found this typical LGF comment at this link at (h/t Lex):

"I've been fond of transfer of these subhumans for a while. Perhaps something more like targeted genocide will become necessary."

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

No, Sphinx, no!! Even when the IDF kills en masse it is a GOOD thing. Someone send Sphinx to mental retraining. And yes, use waterboarding. This defense of the Palestinians much stop at all costs!

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

I'm thinking I left that last comment at the wrong site. It was meant for GoVWatch. Mea Culpa.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot

Southside Suarez said...

Word is that Zombie was just banned either yesterday or early today.

More details as they come...

Southside Suarez said...

Ah... here it is...

Anonymous said...

For some perverted reason, Charles Johnson has run an anti-Tim Blair post (centre-right Aussie blogger) that saw fit to mention the latter's battle with cancer, under no clear context:

Why has Charles done this?

Don't bother asking for an explanation. Many readers did, and were either ignored or altogether banned their troubles.

Why won't Charles explain himself, instead of banning commenters who query the up-and-coming Stalinist censor about such a dubious link?

V said...

@ Southside S.: Wow.

Southside Suarez said...

And here is the formerly private Lounge Thread on which the kerfuffle erupted.

The Sphinx said...

Little Green Drama Queens:

"Well, it’s official. Charles just banned you zombie. I’m feeling very conflicted right now because I used to admire you both so much. And I’m even ashamed of myself: look at my user name. I’m forced to use “Anonymous LGFer” because if I used my real nick to comment here I’d be banned at LGF too. By not naming myself, I’m choosing to take sides (that is, choosing to remain at LGF), which makes me sad. Why do I have to choose?

My head is spinning. I never, ever thought it would come to this. No, not zombie. Why? Why?????

I need to step away from the computer because I am feeling literally sick to my stomach. I am being torn in half. I’ve scanned this thread and zombie seems blameless. Irish Rose lied to us.

At this stage I just don’t know what to think. It’s the end of an era."


Comment unnecessary..

LLORT3 said...

Johnson and his racist band of basement-dwellers were some of the most anti-semitic, anti-Muslim and bigoted jagoffs on the internets between 2001 and 2008.

I'm glad he's atoning for his sins now but he seems to be ignoring the fact that he had a large role in creating the bad crazy racism and neo-fascism that has taken over the conservative blogosphere.

Southside Suarez said...

LLORT3 - some of your criticisms are valid, but it appears that you do not know what the word "anti-semitic" means. It has a very specific meaning.