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Monday, May 30, 2005

What LGFers consider 'fair and balanced'

The first entry tells you quite a bit about the lizard mindset:

#1 Americain 5/27/2005 08:07AM PDT

LGF is fair and balanced.

However, many lizards are of the opinion that 'fair and balanced' means giving people the facts first; opinions are secondary. So lets take a look at what 'balanced' facts Charles has picked out for his minions recently:

- link to a YAHOO item about the Iraqi civil war (sorry, about the security forces crushing the terrorists)
- link to SUN-SENTINEL item about the arrest of a doctor in Palm Beach County suspected of terrorism (did we mention he's an Arab?)
- Four items about France and the 'No' vote, two of which are feeble attempts at poking fun at the Eurowheenies
- Another attempt at poking fun, this time at the UN
- Two items about Palestine (in the widest sense of the word). The second ends with the following comment from Charles: "Lovely people. Let’s give them their own state, and lots of money!"
- a link to a TIMES articles about Zarkawi going to Iran (in actual fact its a SUNDAY TIMES article, and proper TIMES readers know there's a big difference)
- And lots of stuff about being a 'fair and balanced' Joe Friday.

What do we learn from this? First, that all Charles really does is regurgitate MSM news items. When was the last time he got anywhere near providing his readers with an exclusive? Second, his selection follows a distinctly unbalanced pattern: articles damning Europe/Palestine/Iran and praising America/Israel/the New Iraq(TM). In between we have a few comments about how deplorable the MSM are (yes, the same ones he relies on to keep his little blog going) and how evil half the American public and most of the rest of the world is for disagreeing with Bush/The War on Terror(TM)/Lizardoid World Domination.


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