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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Official! Charles Johnson is illiterate

Just to show how little he knows about the stuff he's posting, Johnson serves up this fine mess: 'Guardian Bites the Bullet, Pigs Take Wing' (

In his post he says that "today the Guardian’s Max Hastings dares to voice the left’s ultimate heresy: Perhaps the neocons got it right in the Middle East." To illustrate just how momentous this is the post comes with a picture of a flying pig.

The problem with this 'heresy' is that Max Hastings doesn't 'belong' to the Guardian in any form or fashion: Hastings is a sleazy PR guru who fancies himself as a military historian. What's more, Hastings is left-wing if you compare him to Mussolini, but only just. The Guardian uses the common strategy of putting the fox among the chickens (or is it the hawk among the doves?) to stir up debate among its readers and make it a more interesting newspaper than one which only publishes one kind of opinion.

Articles by Max Hastings, Mary Kenny, Osama bin Laden, Glen Reynolds - they're there to piss off Guardian readers and make them respond, not to show the Guardian has converted to money-grabbing militant catholic bigotry and to tell its readers to do the same.

But don't expect Charles to spot the difference between a Guardian editorial and a provocative guest op-ed. He doesn't read newspapers anymore, so how would he know the difference?

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