Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Suicide bombers? No, just a little bit eccentric...

Police in Jerusalem have uncovered some evidence that extremists planned to fire a missile at the Dome of the Rock. Though the plan seems unlikely to have been realised, AP has a strange way of phrasing what could unequivocally be described as a terrorist plot.

"According to a police statement, the young Jewish eccentrics said they planned to commit suicide after firing an anti-tank missile at the holy site and throwing grenades at police who would try to arrest them."

Think Oscar Wilde with Uzis...

PS: Yes, we realise these people are likely to represent only a tiny minority of settlers, prepared to use force to achieve political aims. Hopefully the Israeli security forces have got them under suitable observation to ensure they do not launch actual attacks to prevent the pull-out.

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