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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

How to get banned on LGF: say not all Arabs are evil

LGFWatch reader QB (thanks ;-) points to a perfect example of Charles Johnson ideologically streamlining his weblog Little Green Footballs. Not content to hound the odd dissenter by setting his minions on them, he's equally quick off the mark when it comes to barring potentially criticaly voices from registering and starting a discussion.

The example here is of Abdulhalim, an Arab man who managed to register and post a total of three times before Charles blocked him. Did he say anything offensive to warrant this? Judge for yourself, comments #34, #45, #51 on Terror Close to Home.

Basically, all it takes is for you to dare to voice the opinion that not all Arabs are evil, and you get blocked on LGF. Simple as that. Contrast this with comments such as:

"When are we ever going to purge the disease of "Palestinians" from Israel?" (#2)

" I suggest the use of a chemical developed by the Chinese that prevents the the target from being able to impregnate a woman. No other side effect and the target can perform sexually just as before. Great stuff. Just dump it in their water supply then within a generation there are no young spodley dopes and assassins to take the place of the older generation." (#23)

"The only good terrorist (90% of Palestinians) is a dead terrorist" (#55)

...and you will see that calling for genocide is perfectly acceptable on LGF - provided you are calling for the genocide of Palestinians.

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