Little Green Footballs

Monday, December 06, 2004

Charles Johnson: not so good with numbers

LGF supremo Charles F Johnson is a man who knows his fonts, but not his multiplication tables, it seems. In his latest missive he congratulates his lizard spawn on raising over $10,000 (a currency not currently thought to be in high demand) for some sort of BloggerAid project. That's roughly $1.14 per registered LGF user: clearly a massive display of goodwill towards the Iraqi people.

Assuming that a large proportion of LGF users are US taxpayers, it's interesting to note that they have given their government around $550 so far to bomb the hell out of Iraq, but are prepared to give only 1/482th as much towards rebuilding the country. No wonder right-wing lizard brains don't make good economists or foreign affairs specialists.

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