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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Charles Johnson: let's kick some Muslim butt

...well, that's not quite what the big C said, but he's clearly heading there. In a story that we nearly missed (shopping rush, if you must know), LGFers have come down firmly on the side of giving all Muslims in America a little yellow crescent for Christmas. In U.S., 44 Percent Say Restrict Muslims' Rights

An exemplary LGF opinion on the survey was expressed thus:

#21 jelo 12/17/2004 06:21PM PST

Do not trust a muslim, do not trust a muslim, do not trust a muslim........

Hilariously, Charles 'mainstream media are the enemy' Johnson interprets the survey to mean that
...the results show that more informed people are concerned about Islamic radicalism in the United States. But Professor Shanahan refuses to draw the obvious conclusion—that maybe they’re right.

Now hold on a minute: did the survey say anything about it being people who are "more informed" who want to see Muslims lose their right to equal treatment under the law? No, it didn't. It showed that (apart from religiosity), high exposure to television news was a factor among those who favoured curtailing Muslims' civil liberties. Is Charles Johnson honestly arguing that watching television news makes you "more informed"?

This moron never ceases to amaze us. We look forward to what illogical pronouncements he's going to come up with in the new year.

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