Little Green Footballs

Sunday, November 09, 2003

LGF: when in doubt, distort

Charles Johnson digs up some interesting stories for his lizardoid minions now and then. Stories they would otherwise not be reading about. Such as the news about the International Day of Action against the Apartheid Wall the Israelis are building ( Naturally, Charles doesn't like the line that the protest groups are taking. So Charles smears the protesters by claiming that, on 9 November, "Terror Supporters [will] Celebrate Kristallnacht". Far be it for us to quibble about the precise terminology employed, but could it be that Charles is stretching his readers' credulity a little far by declaring that peace protesters = terror supporters, and that they are the kinds of people who would "celebrate" Reichskristallnacht? Then again, it all fits into Charles Johnson's mission to distort reality and defame his opponents.
This kind of story is a typical example of Johnson's twisted perception of reality, and should serve as a warning to all those at risk of taking him seriously as a credible witness of current affairs.

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