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Saturday, November 01, 2003

LGF: unable to read posts properly

Charlie Johnson is in full ANTI-SEMITISM! mode again. Linking ( to an article by Victor David Hanson, Johnson declares it a damning column against the "fashionable, thinly disguised antisemitism of European politicians, “intellectuals,” academics, and media wolves". If only he'd bothered to read the critically piece the way he does with articles he disagrees with...

For Hanson doesn't actually say anything about European politicians, academics or media at all. He does talk about European intellectuals and their supposed desire to destroy Israel. This is, of course, rubbish. European intellectuals are divided about the nature of Israel. Some think a 'Jewish homeland' is necessary, in view of the persecution Jews have suffered over the ages. Others think it is a good in itself for every people to have their own state. Again others regard the creation of Israel as a mistake, but one that cannot be reversed anymore. And then there is a minority who believe that a state founded on 'racial' lines will always be a bad thing and who would like to see it replaced with a modern, secular, truly democratic state that would fulfill the original ideal of the early Zionists: to create a shining example of progress in a world gone mad with ethnic, sectarian and political strife.

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