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Monday, November 24, 2003

LGF goes after the big ones, investigates single quotation marks

Another example of the tireless way in which Charles Johnson, Mega-Lizardoid of LGF fame, tracks down those responsible for evil deeds across the world and brings them to justice: Today, Charles brings his readers a shocking example of BBC infamy, by exposing the way the 'news' provider used 'sneer' quotes when reporting the 'death' of two 'Israeli' barrier 'guards' ( Says Charles:

"Is the BBC trying to suggest the guards were not actually killed? Sneering at their deaths? Quoting someone? (There’s no quote in the article...) Trying to delegitimize [sic] the deaths of Israelis, or subtly imply that it was deserved?"
Indeed, Charles, this is a horrific example of the way in which Arafat controls the BBC, right down to the way they use single quotation marks to deny Israel the right to exist. Shocking, truly shocking. Luckily, as soon as they read your blog they climbed down and removed the 'sneer' quotes, proving once again that nobody can stand up to the power of a million slimy lizards emailing the BBC complaints department...

...or could it be that the BBC was simply waiting for official confirmation that the two guards had been killed? Who cares, eh? The BBC are lying Islamofascist bastards, everyone (at LGF) knows that.

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