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Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Video From Charles To Iron Fist

Stop, I don't love you anymore - Sharleen Spiteri

Dedicated to the most shocking split-up in the history of blogging bromances.


The Sphinx said...

Don't you reckon it'd be more shocking if - let's say - Sharmuta got the boot?

Anonymous said...

Reading comments on his site. It is still funny how his lizards are so scared of disagreeing with CJ , because they would be banned. I wonder why they keep coming to such site, why not stick to a chat room, or a political forum. Ah right, because they too, don't tolerate a dissent.

Rodan said...

LGFwatch has defeated LGF. Charles has switched to your side of the fence. He also banned people LGFwatch didn't like.

You won!

Southside Suarez said...

Well, in just a few short weeks, NY Nana and Realwest have gotten the boot as well.

NY Nana, apparently for speaking well of Kach/Kahane, Realwest for fraternizing with the "stalkers".

That's pretty much it for the asshole/crackpot wing of the original crowd.

Southside Suarez said...

And now, Throbert McGee is history.

His peculiar attitudes toward buttfucking and homephobes apparently didn't win too many friends within the LGF Lesbigay Community.

V said...

He'll certainly have an interesting time at LGF2.