Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


If you've been following the U.S. health-care reform debate, you may have noticed that some of the opponents of the Obama plan are, shall we say, a few light bulbs short of a pack -- or, as we say here in California, a taco short of a combination plate.

And now we have news from Las Vegas, where an anti-Obama protester at a "clown hall" meeting actually had the unmitigated chutzpah to shriek "Heil Hitler" at an Israeli Jew who praised Israel's national health-care system.

Yes, really.

Have they no shame? At long last, have they no shame?


Danny F said...

To shriek "Heil Hitler" at an Israeli Jew while wearing an Israeli defense forces t-shirt??!!

Anonymous said...

Aren't some folk on the left always screaming "Nazi" at Israelis?

Does this have anything to do with LGF?

Anonymous said...

Probably one of Rodan's (Trajan 75) friends. Dumb and dumber.

Anonymous said...

No. I do not know a single person on the left that screams 'Nazi' at Israelis.
And yes, this has to do with LGF in that has to do with the racist far right and its many absurdities.
As Danny F pointed out, a IDF t-shirt wearer shrieked 'Heil Hitler' at a Jewish person. That's rich. And fucking crazy. Even for the racist right, which is really, really saying something.

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you recognize such a thing as the racist extreme left do you. And yes I've heard plenty of leftists who scream Nazi at the Israelis - oh and so have you so don't pretend you haven't.

Edmund Ironside said...

There is no Obama plan. There's a Baucus plan, and four other plans in congress, but there isn't an Obama plan. So by definition, you can't be against the 'Obama plan'. Just thought you might want some facts.