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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bits of Lizard Wisdom

On one of them infamous open threads.. (

Garbage is often a source of knowledge.

— Stinky Beaumont

Apparently, the lizard king has adhered to this principle quite a few times..


Anonymous said...

Why Memri is a garbage? I think it is very legitimate to scrutiny the corrupt Arab media, don't you think so? or is it because Memri run by jews, that's a problem to you?

I'm Arab and I hail Memri, I hope they continue their watch. Arab media needs to change. most of them run by corrupt governments. now you Sphinx call those who watch them garbage? though I agree on the other link.

Red Tulips said...

What a joke. Memri is 'garbage' and yet Norm Finkelstein's blog (linked on this blog) is considered trustworthy?

That says something.

The Sphinx said...

Am I writing in a foreign language?

"now you Sphinx call those who watch them garbage?"

I called Memri itself trash, not the people who watch it. However, I do pity whoever gladly swallows their rubbish.

I never was a big fan of Arab media, but Memri happens to be the most biased and untrustworthy source on that, ever. For all I care, Memri could be run by freaking Martians, you cannot put a site that relies on false translations and deliberate selection of only the worst images possible on par with journalism. Propaganda is a more appropriate description.

For the fun of it, I might as well start a website on America, showing images and videos of the fattest, laziest Americans I could find, also report on every single incident of violent crime and murder, with special reports on shootings in schools, while conveniently leaving out the majority of normal to good images of American society, to "prove" to the world what kind of screwed up place the US is. Same kind of garbage.

Funny that Norman Finkelstein should come up in this context. A speech he held about 4 years ago (Videos here) proves how much he cares about doing his own research, saying something when he knows that it's 100% accurate, and knowing whether he's wrong or not. So say what you want about his ideas, you can't poke any hole in his honesty as an academic.

Anonymous said...

MEMRI was created by ex-Israeli secret servicemen. It has a pro-Israel political agenda and is just like any other activist organisation.

It has been investigated by news organisations many times and certainly IS garbage, with reasons too numerous to list here. Google is your friend.

stvip said...

Man, the bullshit stacks ever higher here.

MEMRI is too selective? What do you expect them to translate: "Today the weather will be as usual and cloudless". This valuable service is not intended to represent a general overview of Arab media, only the things of interest to the West. It does a superb job at that and is an extremely valuable service. It is extremely valuable to me for precisely the reason people like Sphinx hate it: it exposes their lies and pretense. And yes, you can find clips of Qaradawi there too. Perhaps seeing that will help jog his memory of his words of support for him.

Oh, and Sphinx - you accuse them of mistranslations. Supply proof or retract your lie.

Or don't - who reads LGFWatch or takes it seriously anymore anyway? Seems more of a playground for the (semi)regular posters than a website of general interest. It pretty much failed as being the website one would go to for monitoring and criticizing LGF. Indeed, many of the people who have censured Charles and LGF think LGFWatch is much worse (author included).

The Sphinx said...

"This valuable service is not intended to represent a general overview of Arab media, only the things of interest to the West."

So once it's: "Oh we would just LOVE to hear peaceful and sane voices from the Arab world, but nobody is speaking up! They're just irredeemable!", and the next moment, nothing is of interest to the west except the nuttiest voices from the region. Why don't you make up your mind already?

And before you accuse me of lying, you might as well take a glance at your invaluable and oh-so-honest source that translates: "I will draw a picture" into "I will shoot" and "The Jews are shooting us" into "I will annihilate the Jews".

"Or don't - who reads LGFWatch or takes it seriously anymore anyway?"

... said the guy who just can't have enough of LGF Watch. That sounded to me like: "LOOK AT YOU! YOU'RE WORTHLESS! YOU'RE IRRELEVANT! NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU, AND I WILL COME BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN TO KEEP TELLING YOU THAT!!1!"

The punchline though.. From the "About us" page of Memri: "Founded in February 1998 to inform the debate over U.S. policy in the Middle East, MEMRI is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501 (c)3 organization."

Wow, some nonpartisanship indeed. The Guardian article by Brian Whitaker sheds a lot of light on this crap.

Anonymous said...

I don't care who fund and who run Memri, go to their site and you will see actual clips from Arab media. I don't consider that source garbage, it is legitimate source to shed light on the lies, hate and hypocrisy of the Arab media.

Memri are people who are watching the Arab media, I don't care about that. be them lobbyist, jews, ex-israelis, ex-cons, aliens. I don't care, they are cutting directly clips from Arab media. something I'm familiar with . I hate the political media in the Arab world and somebody has to let the world knows what hate and lies Arabs receiving.

Don't wonder when you see a lot of misinformation in the Arab world, thanks the Arab media.

So no, Memri is doing a good job and I recommend people to visit their site to know what kind of media the Arab world has, and to correct the misinformation and lies whenever possible.

Red Tulips said...

Norm Finkelstein has visited Hizballah and proclaimed openly "we are all Hizballah."

He is a known open terror supporter. You, young Sphinx, in your open support for Finkelstein, show you are a supporter for Hizballah's human butchery. Anyone such as "Lex" who fails to see your open support for terrorism is again walking around with blindfolds on.

As far as Memri goes; you do not like it only because it exposes the truth about Arab media. It is uncomfortable for you to have the antisemitic hatred exposed for the world to see. But facts are facts are facts.

As far as Stvip goes; of course LGF Watch is off the charts worse than anything on LGF. This site has open and active support for terrorism. How can you compare that to LGF?

The Sphinx said...

Wow, you really must have a really screwed up perception of "truth", if a manipulated, distorted and misleading presentation of Arab media qualifies as "truth".

Shootings in American schools are a terrible truth as well, old flower. It wouldn't grant my example of a one-sided presentation of American society based solely on crime any legitimacy. Or are you too stupid even to understand such a simple analogy?

I thought so..

Anonymous said...

the spinx:

Are you saying anti-semetism is not a problem in the arab world at large?

Yes, school shootings *ARE* a problem America....

They happen to often; but just because School shootings happen in America doesn't mean the Arab world at large is very anti-semetic...

Case in point...what happens if you go to an Arab country with an Israeli passport or request a VISA hmmm?

The Sphinx said...

"Case in point...what happens if you go to an Arab country with an Israeli passport or request a VISA hmmm?"

I only know about Egypt that diplomatic relations are working fairly normally, and that there are often quite a lot of Israeli tourists in Sinai.

But hey, whatever happens if you want to go to Israel with an Arab passport or request a visa? And what happens to you at the airport when you arrive? Hmmm?

Jamboeknee said...

LOL – I suggest you look at the OFFICIAL policies of Arab/Persian countries in regards to Israeli citizens (ESPECIALLY EGYPT)
Now look at the requirements for say Iran to Israel…
I have no doubt you might be questioned extensively, but you can confirm calling any Israeli consulate that there is no official policy barring an Iranian national from entering Israel (which is not the case the other way around unfortunately)
Spinx, I must say this betrays your lack of knowledge on the anti-Israel bias the Arab world at large has.

As for the link you posted about the poor treatment of Arabs by Israeli customs officials – I can post a myriad of links of poor treatment that Americans give to fellow Americans. Of course you will always have exceptions and situations where somebody gets treated wrong –
But am I to believe you are so intellectually dishonest and not recognize an unhealthy anti-Semitic notion that pervades the Middle East at large – that no only pervade in society but in official policy as well? (Let’s wipe Israel off the map anybody?)

Red Tulips said...


Young little Sphinx has the absolute audacity to claim that antisemitism is not a problem in the Arab world, despite the litany of evidence to the contrary. (so much evidence, you could build a mountain from it)

That is his underlying reason for why he hates MEMRI. It exposes him for the intellectual fraud that he is.

It is as nonsensical to claim the Arab world does not suffer from antisemitism as it is to claim the Holocaust never existed. (another claim popular in the Arab world)

I await Sphinx's defense of Holocaust denial. Most likely he will say something like "the Holocaust has been exaggerated," or "we have more research to do," or "the 'Palestinians' are suffering as much or more than the Jews did under Nazi Germany!"

All of it is Holocaust denial, and I am sure young little Sphinx has something akin to one of those statements coming up in his next set of 'pearls.'

The tragedy of this all is that however horrifying Sphinx's words are, he literally is one of the more moderate people from the Mideast. That is the most sad, shocking, and tragic things to contemplate.

The Sphinx said...

Jamboeknee: "(Let’s wipe Israel off the map anybody?)"


You know, it's really funny how you guys start analyzing my humble person and attributing opinions to me that I never even said. And 'young little Sphinx' made me smile, I think I should call you 'Mommy' from now on.

Just a few weeks ago, one of my former (notice I say former) school friends started a really disturbing facebook group wishing for a new holocaust upon Jews. Was the first time I witnessed somebody I know do that, by the way. After promptly reporting the group I told him that it was the most retarded thing he had ever done, and that he should know better. I think he even got kicked out from facebook (Good riddance).

So YES, there are antisemites in the Middle East - even though I still think that "Antisemite" is scientifically incorrect for describing hatred towards Jews - but there are idiots everywhere. Just like everywhere there are anti-Christians, anti-Muslims, racists, supremacists, etc.
And if you're going to swallow Memri's image that there's NOTHING but anti-semitism, and not even a shred of sanity in the Middle East then it's YOU who's making a complete intellectual fraud out of yourself.

"The tragedy of this all is that however horrifying Sphinx's words are, he literally is one of the more moderate people from the Mideast. That is the most sad, shocking, and tragic things to contemplate."

You must be talking about the horrifying words you pulled out of your rear and pinned them onto me, like the holocaust denial part. You know what? You deserve the fear you're living in, and the horror scenarios of a whole chunk of the world consisting of vampires. Run off and tremble under your bed and leave me alone.

Red Tulips said...


Since when did MEMRI state or claim that the Arab world ONLY suffers from antisemitism, and that there is nothing to the Arab world but antisemitism? I would like to know when anyone at MEMRI intimated that to be true.

I also never said you denied the Holocaust. I said that I await it as your next statement. The reality is that saying that the 'Palestinians' are presently suffering as much as the Jews did during the Holocaust is in fact a denial of the Jewish Holocaust. (and it is a common view among many in the leftwing and 'Palestinian' terror apologists)

In any case, credit where credit is due. I am glad that you reported your friend. (ex-friend) That took courage and is to be applauded.

Jamboeknee said...

spinx- Yes, there has been lots said about the 'interpretation' of Ahmidinijad about the wiping off the map...

If that statement is ambigous to you and other leftists about these recent statements then about Iran's view toward Israel?

"...the stinking corpse of the usurping and fake Israeli regime by throwing a birthday party are seriously mistaken. Today the reason for the Zionist regime's existence is questioned, and this regime is on its way to ANNIHILATION."

"They should know that regional nations hate this fake and criminal regime and if the smallest and briefest chance is given to regional nations they will DESTROY IT"

"You should know that the criminal and terrorist Zionist regime which has 60 years of plundering, aggression and crimes in its file has reached the end of its work and will soon DISAPPEAR off the geographical scene.""


Spinx...please let's be honest. Say I said - I want AMERICA to dissapear from the MAP in a geograhical exactly is this done without a huge war/takeover by an outside aggressor? Do you think Americans (like their Israeli counterparts) would all just pack up their bags and leave peacefully to Madagascar?

Spinx - of course there are racists in every country, every creed, every ethnicity - the question is how PREVALENT - Is it a small group, a medium group, or a large group?

All MEMRI is pointing out is it's not a 'small' enough group that anti-Israeli viewpoints are not integrated into the MAINSTREAM media.

There are KKK members in USA, but do you see official KKK viewpoints and policies on 60 minutes?, ABC, NBC news? No - they are marginilized and on the sidelines positioned as carnival sideshows on Jerry Springer.

The Sphinx said...

"Spinx...please let's be honest. Say I said - I want AMERICA to dissapear from the MAP in a geograhical exactly is this done without a huge war/takeover by an outside aggressor? Do you think Americans (like their Israeli counterparts) would all just pack up their bags and leave peacefully to Madagascar?"

Yeah, let's be honest and take a look a couple of decades back. Where was the Soviet Union then? And where is it now? Right, vanished. Gone. A piece of the past. Did it take a war/takeover to do that? Not that I recall, really.. And it's not like people just packed their stuff and left either. Never mind all the political tensions that were going on between the US and the Soviets, your scenario of Armageddon wasn't necessary for the USSR to collapse.

And IMHO, whether you disagree with it or not, there is no ambiguity in a statement like wishing "the regime occupying Jerusalem" (hint: He means the Israeli government) to "vanish from the page of time".

Jamboeknee said...


Last I checked the Russians are still living in the region we now call the Russian Federation. They are still in charge of the military, government, and ultimately the people.

In fact they just invaded Georgia.

So you're saying Ahmidinijad is saying that the 'regime' will be annhilated. Okay - but replaced with what? Using your USSR analogy, what changed was the political system - not the people, nor the original territorial boundries (they did allow captured former republicans - like Georgia to go free) and now have switched from Authoratarian Communism to Authoratarian Capatalism -

So is Ahmidinjad mean he wants the Democtratic system to change? Is that what he means about the regime? He wants it to become a dictatorship like Iran?

I'm being facetious of course - but am I not correct that he wants the state of Israel to collapse? If not please - educate me - what exactly Iran wants in the area we now know as Israel?

Please enlighten me on exactly what "wiping off the map" exactly means?

Is Russia off the map?

The Sphinx said...

The fact of the matter is, the phrase "wiped off the map" was never said, and the word "map" not even used. If you had read the article I provided (which was written by a native Farsi speaker by the way), you would have noticed that.

And after considering the USSR a grave threat to humanity for a few decades, I thought you'd regard it as an improvement for it to vanish, even if you wouldn't consider the current regime to be perfect.

Red Tulips said...


Stop your mealy mouthed support for Iran. We ain't buying it.

Ahmadinejad recently called Israel a 'germ of corruption that will be removed.' (source)

Iran is the very nation producing nuclear weapons, openly supporting an organization whose goal is worldwide annihilation of Jews (Hizballah), and has stated in its own Iran press releases that it wants to wipe Israel off the map.

Stop your intellectual dishonesty and kindly remove the meal from your mouth. We all know Iran would annihilate Israel if they could. All statements aside, if they were not desiring such an outcome, they would not be openly supporting a Final Solution organization (Hizballah). The question is not over their desire. It is whether they are really going to in fact use nuclear weapons to wipe Israel out, or are in it for the political posturing, and can be blackmailed to not use nukes. In either case they are extremely dangerous, and it is outright offensive that you have the pathetic gaul to defend them.