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Friday, July 11, 2008

Avoiding news when they sting

Hamas does the right thing and arrests three people for firing rockets into Israel, in accordance to the recent truce.

Immediate and full coverage followed on Little Green Footballs..

.. not. So far not even a peep. Could it be because such bits of news are inconvenient to the old reptile's agenda? Or is it because he just can't figure out how one could possibly twist the story around to make Hamas look bad again?


Anonymous said...

It's all part of the Muslim grand plan, they're doing it to draw attention away from the photoshoped missiles long enough for those missiles to hit israel!

Anonymous said...

There was no fauxtoshop involved, and the Iranian missile story used up his quota of one hour of actual work per year.

Anonymous said...

Ignored by LGF.

Johnson and the Lizardroids are more concerned with the existential threat of photoshopped jpeg missiles coming from Iran at the moment.

sunny said...

You believe in the integrity of Hamas.... that's downright foolish.

Red Tulips said...

Sphinx, a Hamas apologist, posts propoganda on LGF 'Watch' in order to pretend the 'Palestinians' are somehow 'peaceful.'

In fact, when you read even a single sentence of the story he linked, you see that Fatah terrorists were arrested, not Hamas terrorists.

This is part of their regional struggle with each other. It does not prove Hamas has changed even one millimeter, because after all, their stated goal is the total annhilation of Israel and the massacre of every single Jewish man, woman, and child within Israel.

In short, Hamas is not 'arresting' (whatever that means; likely these 'prisoners' will be released in a week) their own terrorists. They are only 'arresting' rival terrorists, in order to weaken them.

Next, Sphinx will be telling you that Hamas was acting on Israel's behalf when they threw Fatah terrorists off roofs.


Lex said...

red--I've read enough of the "counter-jihadi" blogs to know that their owners are desperate for any news such as this, or that they USED to be. Now ignoring this isn't seen as improvement in relations and cooperation with the Palestinians but a danger to their world-view, a view they cling to like junkies to a damned needle.

Red Tulips said...


Feel free to prove my comment wrong.

Hamas's goal is the annhilation of Israel's Jews - every single man, woman, and child.

All they did was take out their rivals.

Feel free to prove this proves even one iota of their desire to end their jihad. This is nothing more than a power grab on the part of Hamas.

I should be cheering for the 'anti-jihad' behavior of Hamas?

Do you honestly believe Hamas now wants to make friends with Israel and Jews? If you do, then you are stupider than I thought.

The Sphinx said...

First factual inaccuracy: The arrested people are from the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. They may be aligned with Fatah, but they are not the same organization.

Second factual inaccuracy: I'm not a Hamas apologist. I'm just not as mechanically biased as you and your hero, CJ.

Let's imagine Hamas were to drop all terrorist intentions and work towards peace with Israel. Would that be what you want? Or are you somehow itching for a perpetual war in the region? Your nature as a shrieking fanatic suggests so. In fact, it would be a horror scenario for you, because it'd be impossible to scream out some explanation on how working towards peace with Israelis actually means trying to massacre them all.

Actually Lex put it pretty nicely. You're all addicted to this conflict, and the only way you'd want it to end would involve mass expulsion or extermination. Crocodile tears included.

The point of this post (wonderful how I have to explain it every time..) is to expose this kind of rigid mentality: Damned if they do, damned if they don't. You don't even have to like Hamas to see it.

Thanks for proving my point - once again.

Red Tulips said...

WOW Sphinx! You post even more Hamas apologies! I am really surprised!


You act as if there is some sort of distinction between Al Aqsa and Fatah. As if the two organizations do not work hand in hand. Al Aqsa is simply the military wing of Fatah. Nothing more, nothing less. And Hamas 'arrested' their rivals. They previously threw their rivals off roofs. Both actions were hardly done at the behest of Israel.

Then you hysterically claim "if Hamas were to drop all terrorist activity, I would still decry them."

I have news for you, dear little Sphinx. Hamas will never stop their terror activities. They might enact a temporary hudna, but that is only to rearm and reload, in order to better attack Israel. Their goal is to totally and utterly destroy Israel, nothing more and nothing less. Unless and until they openly state that Jews and Israel have a right to exist and apologize for their past terror activities as well as pay war reparations, every single action on their part is nothing but a tactic. Germany apologized for its Nazism and is paying war reparations to Holocaust victims. Nothing less than this will be proof that Hamas has changed.

Lex said...

Sphinx, never fear, your points will always be validated on these matters. Matters of personal opinion, in that realm I'd encourage CIVIL debate (as hard as that seems to be for people online). In calling Charles & all of LGF on points like this, you're simply correct about the matter.

Also, there is the double standard. How many posts have we read at LGF in which Charles (and then hundreds of sharmutas) squeal in anger over stories they find important not being covered by that ever impinging "liberal media"?

Red Tulips said...

I see LGF Watch has taken to censoring comments for real this time.


Especially sad that the once sane 'Lex' actually believes that the Al Aqsa 'Martyrs' Brigades are a 'seperate' entity from Fatah.

Especially sad that 'Sphinx' does not understand his role in this world as a Hamas apologist. He may not want to believe this is what he is, but his words speak for themselves.

He is excusing Hamas's actions and pretending they are 'peaceful.'

If that is not acting as a Hamas apologist, I would like to know what is?

And to sum it up: under Sphinx's 'rationale,' Hamas was being 'peaceful' when they threw Fatah members off roofs, because they were getting rid of terrorists.

This is the Sphinx line of non-logic.

Astonishing, really.

stvip said...

So the Hamas that dragged out members of Al Aqsa, beat them senseless (just for fun, you see), then executed them, now arrests a few of their members for some pretext or other. Wow. I'm so furious this information has been withheld from me by LGF.

Incidentally, it is amazing how the BBC will always choose pictures which arouse anti-Israeli sentiment, regardless of the article content.

Oh, and as for the relationship between Fatah and Al Aqsa:

Hamas' Charter:

"Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement ... There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors."

Or as Red Tulips summarized: "pathetic" (too bad she forgot "dumb", and I'll refrain, for the sake of the forementioned desire for civil discussion, from mentioning other apposite adjectives which apply).

Anonymous said...

Could it be that you actually agree with the posts on evolutionism?

Lex said...

Tulips--sorry, I'm kind of on holiday here and didn't see your question. No, I agree with you that annihilation of Israel as an independent State is still the goal of the groups you mention as well as many other groups in the region (or actual governments). I realize this will catch me a lot of flack here, but I'm still no anti-Israel type.

I did mean what I said with my little joke though on a different thread; no one can agree and play nice with that land so they should all be kicked out and put into time-out just like bad little kids. That won't make any pro-either-group folks happy, but I think irradiating the Holy Land at this point is a darned good idea. Make it inhabitable before all of these religious nuts (from Ahmadinejad to HAMAS to John Hagee to whoever else) try to use the situation to bring about armageddon. But that's just me....LOL.

Once sane, eh? Oh no, far better off now.

Tex Taylor said...


John Hagee is going to help bring about Armageddon? LOL. I must have missed his name reading thru the Revelation.

Girl, you and I are going to have to have a good talkin'.

By the way, you feeling better?

ChenZhen said...


I don't know if you guys caught this one, but the infamous Babbazee had recently been banned from LGF. She had amassed over 68,000 comments before being shown the exit. That has to be some sort of record for any blog or message board anywhere.

stvip said...

Lex, if this is your true, sane, self, I can't decide if it's more stupid or more morally repugnant. And since we're having this argument and can't play nice here, let's nuke LGFWatch.

Lex said...

Chen--BABBAZEE!?! Crikey!
Stvip--my apologies if my sarcasm and joking attitude don't come through in type. My radiate the Holy Land idea is a joke, but not one that would appeal to anyone with sympathies for either 'side' in the constant conflict in that land. You have a dog in that fight so I don't expect you to accept my levity.

Tex--Hagee has stated clearly that bringing about the 2nd Coming of Christ is why he is doing so much through his ministry to help Jews move back to Israel; it is the reason for his Zionism, and IS based in Scripture. I'll find the link at some point here Tex, but I remember raising hell over pro-Hagee posts in the 2 or 3 days I was a contributor at Pamela Geller's "Maverick News" blog. Hagee was interviewed a few years ago by Terri Gross on her radio show "Fresh Air" (NPR) which I listened to online and heard him explain this motive. He also comments on this on his own TV show, just keep your eyes and ears open and you'll find the motive ringing clear with Hagee.

The best part is that he wants all Jews to return to Israel to fulfill Scriptural prophecy for the 2nd Coming in which he has also said that these same Jews will either be converted to Christianity or die in damnation. Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad and his Mullahs have made preparations for the return of the 12th Imam/The Mahdi.

So yeah, considering millions being raised to bring about either a Christian or Shiite Muslim End Time event, I consider myself pretty sane.

Lex said...

Here Tex, have a listen to Hagee. The title is Pastor John Hagee on Christian Zionism. I don't have time to listen again, but this is where I've heard him say these things. I also found a funny Photoshop called Hageeageddon which I used when I blogged about the "Maverick News Media" business.

stvip said...

I was wondering whether I should preemptively respond to the "only kidding" defense. There's more to the facetiousness - there is clearly a sickening underlying belief of moral equivalence. And you, observing, superior to it all - "why can't these fools just play nice? Surely, if one sides rises above it all, it will stop the cycle of violence, lalala". Excuse while I vomit at the mention of the "cycle of violence" myth.
The real situation is a cliched and true phrase: if the Arabs were to lay down their arms today, there would be peace and prosperity to both sides. If Israel were to lay down its arms, there would be a second Holocaust.

Moreover, on an intellectual, not moral level, you completely fail to realize how you're being manipulated into this position. This is precisely what the Arabs want, this is their goal - they never cared about the "Palestinians". The latter are a means to harm Israel, no more - suicide bombing on both the individual and Gaza/WestBank scale. The stance underlying your joke shows you are a good little pawn indeed in the Arab game.

And lastly, I do not "have a dog in this fight". I have a life in this war, as well as the lives of my relatives and friends.

stvip said...

Funny thing:

LGFWatch criticizes LFG for not posting about a sham Hamas move. They ignore two pertinent facts: that that is beyond the scope of LGF anyway, and that their interpretation of the news is ridiculously and pathetically ignorant (this is giving you some lenience in ascribing your actions to ignorance and stupidity, rather than a deliberate malignant intent to distort reality). They accuse LGF of 'avoiding news when they sting'.

Now, a short while later, the events unfold: Hamas' move is clearly seen as merely one more maneuver in the revitalized Hamas-Fatah conflict, which is continuing to escalate as I write (Inshallah).

So what does LGFWatch do with this news, which is both pertinent to its reporting (you raised the topic, declared it important and newsworthy, so you should be expected to update on it), and now has a clear-cut interpretation? They avoid it. Amusing in a pathetic kind of way.

By the way, Sphinx - tell me again all the ways in which Yusuf Qaradawi is a "Great Muslim" (your words, confirmed and repeated by you when I specifically asked about it - it appears in this site).
Lex - read up about Qaradawi, his beliefs and edicts. Tell me, is your belief in Sphinx being a moderate also part of your new, sane self? I have no problem in your renouncing the beliefs of your past - you were an extremist. But now you've just swung the other way, just as blinded to reality by wishful thinking as before.

Mitch Haase said...

You seems to have a hard on for Charles Johnson. I would warn you against acting out on this because once you start fooling around with homosexuality it will be difficult to stop.

Anonymous said...

Mitch has issues about erections and homosexuals hence his post.

Lex said...

stvip--I don't have much time to post these days so my really worked up posts are almost all anyone's seeing for that's when I finally post, when something is so outrageous. Offline I'm a bit more moderate. I would add though that most Americans seem online like extremists right now due to the impending elections. I don't mean to seem so 'other direction'.

As far as Sphinx, my view of him as a more moderate person is based on hours and hours worth of discussions in voice & type. In both of our cases we tend to post when more worked up. I'll look into this person if I get time, but right now the conversion of my brain from piano to guitar format is taking precedence.

Red Tulips said...


I used to be friends with Sphinx, and spent hours and hours typing to him in text chats. Ultimately this is irrelevant, as I was actually very close to qrswave (of the hate site "Wake up from your slumber"). We were good friends in person and would spend days - hours - talking to each other in person. I do not know how many meals and discussions I went to with her. She was one of my closest friends. But this is irrelevant.

Qrswave would support my wholesale butchery if she could (given her proud support for Hamas), and yet she is my 'friend.' (was my friend, I should say)

So why does Sphinx's friendship bear any relevance to this? He has openly declared Qaradawi a 'moderate,' and openly posts Hamas propoganda like this little 'nugget' of a post. Why does it matter if he happens to be an amiable and personable young man? (which he is)

Sphinx might be the most gentle man on the face of the earth. (in fact he is kind and gentle) He is also an open propogandist for Hamas. It is your choice whether you want to open your eyes to reality as it exists.

Anonymous said...

Re: stvip "This is precisely what the Arabs want, this is their goal"

Who are the Arabs? can I say this is what Whites want? or Blacks want, or Asians Want?

"Arabs" is a race contains mixture of many different directions and politics.

I'm an Arab and I don't want the destruction of Israel and I don't consider Palestinian-Israeli conflict of any use to me. I literally don't care about. and my country hurt by Palestinians more than it does from Israelis. So when you put your opinion, have some respect to people who are helping your country.

The Sphinx said...

You go to Vienna for a few days and miss such a lively discussion. Not fair :(

Stvip, my memory must be failing me. I don't remember saying anything about Qaradawi at any time, but while we're at it, he does have a few interesting things to say, and it's better to acknowledge these than automatically write him off as "Muslim cleric => Terrorist".

Tex Taylor said...


Here Tex, have a listen to Hagee. The title is Pastor John Hagee on Christian Zionism. I don't have time to listen again, but this is where I've heard him say these things.

Oh, I'm very familiar with Pastor John and I listened to that whole thing. It might surprise you, but he didn't say one thing in that interview about Israel I disagreed with. I do disagree about his take on Katrina and this is an example of where I part with Hagee and other Evangelicals. About Israel? That was basic Christianity 101.

I wouldn't expect somebody like Sphinx to agree or many Jews to agree with Hagee's take concerning Israel in that interview but they don't claim Christ as the Messiah either. You do (I think).

You might disagree with Hagee's take on Islam as it is a matter of opinion, but as far as the defense of Israel well - that's "The Word" and he supported it with scripture.

Hagee doesn't claim any power to bring about Armageddon; in fact, he would laugh that at anyone who claimed as such.

By the way; I'm married to a Catholic and have never heard his so-called derogatory commons about Catholics either. If I'm mistaken and Hagee has said as such, then I would disagree with him publically.

stvip said...

Anonymous: I accept your criticism. When I wrote "Arabs", I meant it as short-hand for "The Arab Countries involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict". "Arab Countries" in itself being short-hand for "leadership of those countries". This is the reading suggested by the context, but unfortunately, it's not explicit.

When I used to write in LGF, I would rile against those who would indict Arabs or Muslims in their entirety. I would post links to statistics of the number of Israeli Arabs serving in the IDF, etc. So I, of course, agree with your post.

I'm curious about
"and my country hurt by Palestinians more than it does from Israelis".
Lebanon? Jordan?

Red Tulips said...

Sphinx is admitting right here he is a fan of Qaradawi, a man who said the following in the very article he linked. (so he cannot pretend he is unaware)

Palestinian suicide bombings in Israel, he insists, are a form of jihad. "The actor who commits this is a martyr because he gave his life for the noble cause of fighting oppression and defending his community," he says. "These operations are best seen as the weapon of the weak against the powerful. It is a kind of divine justice when the poor, who don't have weapons, are given a weapon which the fully equipped and armed-to-the-teeth powerful don't have - the powerful are not willing to give their lives for any cause."

This is a man with 'interesting things to say'??

I think this right here speaks volumes about young Sphinx here, who is kind and sweet and thoughtful...and then defends Hamas and Hamas supporters in his next breath.

Lex, if you cannot realize the obvious, there is nothing left to say. Sphinx has made it abundantly clear what he thinks. You may choose to ignore him as you wish.

The Sphinx said...

So now saying that somebody has a few interesting things to say means being a fan. Tulips, do you have enough command of the English language? You know who else has interesting stuff to say? Confucius. Doesn't mean I have to be a fan of his.

So again, you completely missed the point (surprise surprise), and focused on a statement I didn't say I agreed with (and in fact I don't), while probably not even noticing there's more:

- "We want an education which prepares students who understand life and reality, not students who simply memorise things."

- 'he has been remarkable in arguing in favour of female education and employment; he has even declared they can be judges and has called for more women to become Islamic jurists.'

- 'Qaradawi and western governments have a strong mutual interest in the struggle against Islamic extremism; he is as anxious as any western government to ensure young Muslim men don't blow themselves up on tube trains, or hijack planes. He abhors the traducing and corruption of the faith that such actions expose, and says so to his audience of millions of young Muslims.'

- "In the Muslim world, I hope one day we will see real, not fake, democracies. What we have is more like controlled referendums. It's like a race with only one horse running"

Oh, but who gives a crock of batsh*t about these long awaited statements from influential Muslims as long as there's some good old controversy on the Palestinian issue included..

What a machine you are.

Lex said...

Tex, OK, as long as you know about him. I just think it's funny that he wants the Jews to get to Israel pronto so that the Second Coming can happen and they'll then all have to be converted (in his way of thinking). Or burn in hell. If I were a Jew I'd accept his help with more than just a grain of salt.

Honestly I've been through too much medical nightmares in the last few mos. to remember now his comments re: Catholics but I'm sure they're on his Wiki page just as the Bob Jones U. anti-Catholic teachings are listed there. I'll get to that at some point. I catch his show on occasion and it's just pretty wacky, and I say that as a Christian. He's just way too out there for me, but then I'm Catholic with heavy Byzantine Rite & Orthodox leanings. Still. All of those wackos have at least something one would agree with if you're of the same religion, don't they?

Tex Taylor said...


I just think it's funny that he wants the Jews to get to Israel pronto so that the Second Coming can happen and they'll then all have to be converted (in his way of thinking).

Boy, did I have a few typos in that last one!

But that is not why Hagee is supporting Israel - to usher in Armegeddon. Though I am not sure about this, I believe Hagee bases his support of Israel (amongst other things) from Genesis 12:2 and other covenants. And that's only the Old Testament.

Like I said, anybody that calls themselves Christian and doesn't support Israel, I believe to be completely confused and foolish. It doesn't mean I think every Jew an angel; every Muslim a thug. But they don't call it Judeo-Christian for nothin'!

Red Tulips said...


I will come right out and ask you.

Do you agree with Qaradawi's support for the 'Palestinian' human butchery or not? Yes or no?

Yes or no. Not "Yes, but." YES or NO.

Unless you can definitively disavow all terrorism as directed against Israeli civilians unequivocably (which you cannot), you are an open terror supporter who pretends to be 'peaceful' and 'loving.'

Sorry, ain't buying it.

X said...


Accusing people on weblogs of 'openly supporting terrorism' is the 21st Century equivalent of calling them Nazis. It's not clever, it's not funny, and it breaks some equivalent of Godwin's law. You lose.

The Sphinx said...

I'll give you a definite answer as soon as you equally denounce this as state-controlled butchery. (Link found on a more recent comment section) And no "buts" either please..

Anonymous said...


why did you omit the original story about the 11 year old boy...?

Where it clearly states the IDF was trying to control a VIOLENT mob?


The Sphinx said...

If my neighbouring country built a security "fence" (talk about the biggest euphemism ever..), cutting off our region from vital resources and making life hell for the entire population, I'd be outside protesting too, FYI.

The fact that an 11-year old kid got murdered by security forces is simply unacceptable. Under any law that makes sense, whoever is responsible - intentionally or not - should face prosecution. Simple as that.

Jamboeknee said...

spinx, your response is funny since you previously asked for no "buts" yet you deflect and now want to talk about the 'wall'
nice deflection - we can talk about the validity of the "fence" after we resolve this point first.
Your original point is that the IDF killing the boy was “barbaric’. My link clearly shows there was a VIOLENT mob and they were confronted by the IDF. Yes, it's sad that Palestinians always enjoy putting their kids on the front lines of violent situations -
But I've just added much needed context to your assertion. Do you not agree that he was killed in the middle of a violent protest?
answer that question first please.
I want to add a painfully obvious caveat to my point that’s a non-sequitor - If the soldier killed that innocent boy for no reason, of course he should be prosecuted and not celebrated as a hero like Arab killers routinely are by a large portion of the Arab populous. I agree with you that if the investigation turns out that the soldier killed the boy for no reason while confronting the violent mob - he should be prosecuted.
Hence they said the incident is under investigation.
But please Spinx, as you can see - you positioned the killing of the boy as an indiscriminate killing like Arabs publicly state they love to commit against innocent Israelis - While omitting the context surrounding the boy's death - intellectual dishonesty at worse - ignorance at best.

I would love to talk about the wall, but let's resolve this *SPECIFIC* point you made first.

Red Tulips said...


Because you omitted such crucial details of the murder of the 11 year old boy, you show you are nothing but a Hamas propogandist. You also are excusing the violent murder of the boy, by blaming it on the security fence, instituted after the murderous 'Intifada' of the 'Palestinians' in order to protect human life.

I would like to add that you cannot simply say "I am against 'Palestinian' terrorism, and find no excuse for it."

You cannot say this because you believe in 'Palestinian' suicide terrorism. Then you cry about being 'peaceful'!

Talk about hypocrisy!

Lex, you should be literally crying from the shame of defending this man.

Lex said...

I'm not an Israeli nor a Palestinian, I just do know many with family there. Plenty of Palestinian Christians as well, certainly no 'jihadists'. I no longer think that picking 'sides' is something that me myself, having heard sides but never having been there, can do. Not to sound like the ultimate fence sitter, but I seriously don't think I can make the call. I think Jews have the right to have a state, I think they've done some rotten things. I think the Palis have rights too and that the one tactic of bombing is both idiotic and rotten. The whole situation is so FUBAR that I just no longer know, though I usually do see the Israelis as the victims. I just don't have my mind made up, OK?

Tulips, as for Sphinx, he never says these things to me as you claim, but he's also not from my own country or culture. We're coming from different backgrounds and directions and I generally think that if we can discuss things peaceably that that is progress. Music can be the great unifier I suppose as well;)

Tex--did you listen to what I linked? I'm fairly busy right now and cannot afford another listen, but I remember Terry Gross questioning him pretty hard on the point of why he wants the Jews to return to Israel and I'm darned sure he answered that it was for (major paraphrase) Jesus to pop back out of a cloud and bring on the end times. It's not an OP-ED, it's an interview, Hagee is on record saying these things. Apologies if I'm wrong.

Red Tulips said...


To clarify.

I hold the 'Palestinians' directly responsible for the murder of that little boy, through their instigating the violent murder that led to it.

You excuse the actions of the 'Palestinian' mob, and as such, you excuse the murder of a little boy.

Now, on top of this all, you very clearly will not say clearly - and unequivocably - that you do not condone terror against Israeli civilians. Thus, you are absolutely a terror supporter.

And yet LGF Watch thinks it is so 'peaceful' to have you here!

Lex, you live in a total dreamworld. Big deal that he is a music lover. Hitler was an appreciater of the fine arts. Should this be applauded? (not saying that Sphinx = Hitler, just that his love of music is a total irrelevance, and it is literally offensive that you claim it has even any relevance at all)

Anonymous said...

Hamas never arrest the shooters.... So why selling us your ProPALganda?

related to Shelley Winters said...

Hmmm, I don't see any post where Sphinx says that he likes is when Hamas attacks Israel. So, it seems that he does not support Hamas. The burden of proof is on you, I'm afraid.