Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What's 100 dead a day compared to 1 rogue policeman?

Guys, guys, guys, are you still obsessing about Mr Hussein? No, not the Iraqi ex-dictator you seem to have forgotten about for now. That Iraqi police officer who has been speaking to the foreign media without permission, saying things you don't like.

Do you really think that, even if the guy is found out to have jihadi sympathies (or be a sergeant, not a captain), this is somehow going to change a single thing about the situation in Iraq, the quagmire YOU helped get us into?

Guys, haven't you heard there's a WAR going on? Are you going to keep jerking off to your inconsequential Hussein story or get real?


Anonymous said...

Ugh, Malkin. Suzanne Fields is pretty bad too. It was funny because she had a newspaper article saying Jews are under attack, and across the page was an article about the slaughter of Lebanese civilians by Israel. Who's attacking whom?

Anonymous said...

not to be rude, I just think that they are questioning the man's existence more then anything. I mean they media does lie sometimes.