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Saturday, December 30, 2006

LGF: Dirty, dirty Muslims

In another lame attempt to portray Muslims as filthy untermenschen spreading disease throughout the West, Charles Johnson stoops to the gutter yet again and picks up a piece from the Sun to declare "Muslims Refuse to Wash Hands at UK Hospitals".

Apparently, some Muslims are reluctant to rub themselves with a substance that has 'alcohol' written all over it.

Problem is, this is a known issue. In fact, it's an issue that is being successfully dealt with. If Charlie-boy had bothered to so much as do a google search, he would have discovered that in Saudi Arabia of all places the alcohol-based hand-wash is widely used. And it has been sanctioned by religious scholars.

Sure, you'll find a few people who are still too scared or ignorant to use it. And you'll always find an idiot (like the Sun did) who says that 'water and soap' is a perfectly adequate substitute (it isn't).

But you'll find problems like this with people from all kinds of backgrounds, religions, races and beliefs. Only Charles Johnson would be so stupid as to single out Muslims, though.


Anonymous said...

When you are committed to hatred every opportunity is taken to twist, deceive and misrepresent. It only suggests to me that the religion of the LGF founder is untenable as a belief. That alone inspires atheism.

LGF Reader said...

"[T]he religion of the LGF founder is untenable as a belief. That alone inspires atheism."

Except that, according to Wikipedia at least, Charles Johnson is an agnostic. Still, "when you are committed to hatred [of Christianity] every opportunity is taken to twist, deceive and misrepresent".

And I've never heard of anyone other than a Muslim refusing anti-bacterial handwash. But then again, very few people share their backward views on such things.

Max Tropos said...

Religious observances can be bedevilling. Many Born-again
christians use Alcohol-free grape juice during Holy Communion. Puzzling, as these Bible literalists clearly know that the Bible says wine not grape juice.

Many of these same alcohol-free Communers will (I have personally witnessed this),however, purchase and partake of Nyquil. Nyquil is 20 proof, that is, about the same as wine.

One of my grandmothers was a Christian Scientist. Don't recall what her take was on wine, but she used to annoy us by reading all the food labels in the house. I clearly recall her refusing an orange juice because it had an additive.

That was decades ago. She was simply ahead of my time, as now I am cautious of the additives that I ingest.