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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What is Google up to?

This is the question Charles Johnson poses to his readers, but as you would expect it's just a rhetorical question because CJ already 'knows' what Google News is up to: they're discriminating against upstanding right-wing blogs like LGF (ehm, because it's a one man partisan effort and virtually news-free) and Powerline (oh wait, Powerline IS listed on Google News), and Michelle Malkin (whose blog also appears to be a one-person outfit devoid of news {the clue is in the title, oh Lizard Lord}) and, ehm, Daily Kos, that other well-known right-wing weblog.

Here's a simple solution that should keep all those moaning bloggers and Google happy: why doesn't Google just set up Google Views, a place to collect all the stuff posted to weblogs, from the mundane to the interesting? You'd have a disclaimer that these are NOT news professionals, that many of the items are distorted and biased, but you could still rank entries on by popularity, relevance, date etc...

Come on Google, you know you want to do it.


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